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Canadian Forces Income Support


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So long story short after 13 years in the infantry I was medically released 3B due to injuries sustained from Task Force 1-07.

The last 2 years I've been on CFIS and this is crazy but I found a payscale that shows what CFIS pays according to your marital status. I don't have a case manager so I had no idea there was a pay scale.

So for last 2 years I've been getting CFIS at the single veteran level. But I'm married and I have 2 kids aged 9 and 11.

CFIS Payscale:
Single $1959
Married $2876
Dependants $417 each

I've already contacted VAC about it over a week ago and they are looking into it. But no word back from them yet. Just wondering if anyone has heard of this happening or any insight on what to expect.


I'm guessing if you check your profile on VAC or possibly the CFIS application that your spouse and kids were never mentioned and if they were then VAC just failed. Hopefully you get back pay for the years missed but if you never mentioned your spouse or kids to VAC then that will work against you but going forward you will receive the increase.

Hope it works out.