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Hey, ya'll. (sorry for this)

I'm 17, I did my CFAT rewrite #2 a couple of days ago and my desired trades were: Gunner, Infanteer, and Vehicle Tech. And I did great! So great I only qualified for cook. On my first CFAT (when I was 16), I wrote I qualified for no trades at all whatsoever (embarrassing right?). At least this time I got something.

My recruiter said I did good in the vocab and spatial ability section but my problem solving wasn't great for Infantry but met the standards for cook... Nothing else.. (bruh moment)

I am happy I have a trade at least but I don't like the idea of being a cook in the army. I am still moving forward with my application my medical exam is coming up real soon, and my recruiter told me I did not have to make a decision for now and that I could rewrite a third time in January.

Before my CFAT #2 rewrite, I enrolled in an Academic upgrading class at my college. I wasn't planning on using the class to prep me for my CFAT but just for a refresher of math. And it's a good thing I enrolled because that course is a requirement to complete for a third rewrite. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, or maybe I'm just really nervous and anxious.

I want to serve my country and I wanna learn new things and do cool things and to only qualify for cook... I don't know... Troops gotta eat I guess, someone gotta feed em.

Me and that CFAT are really starting to get on a personal level let me tell you.
First off, kudos for taking steps to identify and action a deficiency. While there is nothing wrong with serving as a cook in the CAF that doesn't mean you have to give up on your dreams of service in a different role.

It sounds like you have some feedback on the areas of the CFAT that need improvement. If the academic upgrading helped (even a little bit) then I would suggest looking for similar programs, tutors, and practice material that would best help you prepare for the January re-write. Put in the work and shoot for what you really want to do, but do it with a plan of action rather than just "working on stuff".

Training specifically for the task at hand (the CFAT in this case) is not only doable, but you're fortunate in that you have time to prepare and have prior knowledge of the exam material. No "good luck" is needed, just to put a plan in place and get after it!