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CH 47 Incident at Petawawa 20/June/ 2023

The info machine's version (link also archived here) ...
The Royal Canadian Air Force is currently involved in a search for two missing members of 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron following the crash of a CH-147F Chinook in the Ottawa River near Garrison Petawawa, Ontario during a training flight in the early morning of Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

The missing crew are amongst a total crew of four who were on the helicopter at the time of the accident. Two other members of the crew were found by first responders and taken to hospital in Pembroke.

As of Tuesday morning the search is being supported by approximately 50 CAF members on shore and on water, an Ontario Provincial Police marine unit, Petawawa and Pembroke Fire Departments and search and rescue aircraft from the RCAF’s 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron to include a Griffon SAR helicopter and Hercules aircraft. A 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron Griffon is also involved.

Boaters in the area are being asked to remain clear of the shores near Garrison Petawawa to aid search efforts, avoid potentially hazardous materials from the aircraft and to ensure integrity of the crash scene to enable an RCAF Flight Safety Investigation at a later time.

Our thoughts are with the crew of the helicopter, their families and all the member of 450 Squadron and Garrison Petawawa at this time.
My thoughts are with the families and members of the Squadron. Hopefully they find the 2 missing.
"I was happy to speak with the chief of defence staff last night to express my condolences to the families and colleagues of the members who have been killed," Trudeau said.

"The fact is there will be a thorough investigation, there will be answers to give, but right now we're focusing on notification of families and support."

Neither military nor defence officials have confirmed any crew members were killed or are presumed dead. Defence officials said late Tuesday afternoon search and recovery efforts are ongoing.

Katie Telford, go get your boss. He needs a quick reigning in. Mainly :

a) you need to STFU until there are actual confirmed fatalities before announcing this kind of thing

b) Never EVER say you're happy to call the CDS to offer condolences in the case of a fatality. It's always with regret, as you always regret loss of life

c) Twitter is not the forum for this kind of situation. Release a press statement, record a soundbite, something other than a 250 character limit blip on social media.

Jesus christ...

Angry Will Ferrell GIF
Shit. I hope we find everyone got out ok, they are just lost on the beach somewhere.
This from the info-machine this morning (also archived here) ...
The two missing air crew members from the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) CH-147F Chinook that crashed in the Ottawa River in the early hours of Tuesday June 20, were found last evening. Tragically, neither member survived. The names of the deceased individuals are not being released at the request of their families.

The two members were amongst a total crew of four who were on the 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron aircraft at the time of the accident. The other two members of the crew were found by Garrison Petawawa firefighters earlier and taken to hospital in Pembroke with minor injuries shortly after the crash. Both have since been released and are being monitored by Canadian Armed Forces medical personnel. The full range of support is being provided to the families of the two deceased members, the two surviving air crew members and their families, and to the members of 450 Squadron and Garrison Petawawa at this difficult time.

The RCAF’s Directorate of Flight Safety is conducting an investigation into the accident to determine the cause ...
Condolences to the family, colleagues and friends of the deceased :salute: