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Christmas At Sea


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Christmas At Sea

The sea is cold, the night is dark... the blowing wind is crisp,
I stare across the ship's huge deck... I did not get my wish.
I wanted so, to be at home... this year on Christmas Eve,
But this will be the year that I... did not get Christmas leave.

I stand and think about my family... gathered by the tree,
I know that one will say my name... and then they'll think of me.
I am not there to share their joy... my country needs me here,
But I am not the only one... who won't get home this year.

I miss my family but I am... on guard for my country,
Protecting those who can have Christmas... is my first duty.
Many men have given all... for us to have that right,
And I feel honored just to sacrifice... a Christmas night.

But still I'm feeling so alone... as many of us are,
As I just stand here on the deck... and watch a Christmas star.
I guess it is a Christmas star... it shines for all it's worth,
And I think back to when a star... foretold His peace on earth.

If only people felt this calm... as on this Christmas Eve,
And not create hostilities... that make their brothers grieve.
Then we could have a peaceful world... as it was meant to be,
But until then we must stand guard... and this night it is me.

Once again my thoughts turn home... my family safe and sound,
Because this ship and other men... are ready to stand ground.
The Navy and the other branches... keep us safe and strong,
So those at home can celebrate... and sing their Christmas song.

But knowing that I must do this... I can't hold back a tear,
Wishing I was home this Christmas... sharing in the cheer.
Seeing all my families faces... lights and Christmas trim,
Now the night is getting darker... as I think of them.

Trying now to fight this feeling... of such loneliness,
Softly speaking to myself... a lonely Christmas wish.
Actually my Christmas wish... is now a Christmas prayer,
Thank you for the men who serve... our country everywhere.

Thank you for our families... who enjoy this Christmas free,
Thank you for the other men... who serve this ship with me.
Thank you for allowing me... to make this sacrifice,
A joyous Christmas for our families... makes it worth the price.

May there be peace within you today.
May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our
Wings have trouble remembering how to fly.