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Colt Defense purchases Diemaco

I didnt like to think of Diemaco as an American owned company, but in the end if the Triad dissapears ill be happy... so what can i say besides we shall have to sit back and wait to see what happeneds! :salute:
Looks like it's now official.. Diemaco is now known exclusively as Colt Canada.

I just attempted to visit the Diemaco website a couple of minutes ago. The site is currently under construction, and is now under the name of "Colt Canada, Names May Change, But Legends Live On"


EDIT: Perhaps this should be merged into the "Colt Buys Diemaco" thread.
Perhaps I should have re-phrased, they are exclusively under the name Colt Canada as of recent.

Brain not functioning so well today ;D

Actually they where under the Colt Canada gammut sometime in late July/early Aug - they just finally got to the website now.

Anyone here think that FN will allow COLT (a rival) to produce ANY C9 or C6 stuff...
Anyone here think that FN will allow COLT (a rival) to produce ANY C9 or C6 stuff...

So I gues we can say goodbye to the C9A2 program eh?

AFAIK Colt/Diemaco doesn't make anything that competes with the C6/C9, except for that C7 LSW thing. If they start making C6/C9 accesories, it would just mean more people will buy C6/C9s, and be a good thing for FN no?
Well considering Diemaco had the Minimi and MAG-58 TDP's I think FN might have revoked Diemaco's rights to them - - they dont want Colt crunching out their own versions at no cost benifit to FN...

My guess is that is why we saw the Diemaco acquisition of the Ares Defence Shrike.

As for the C9A2 - the buttstock adaptor is licensed from FN - the barrel we have are just cut C9 barrels (so they need to be on adverse to function...)  not proper Mk46 or Para barrels.

The majority of reg disposable machine guns are nearing their life anyway.  A new buttstock and Barrel does not help the fact the internals and body are fatiguing - Just look at KevinS's foot as a prime example when he was hit with a malfunctioning C9A2 (broken safety spring)

Despite Soldier Systems glue bag idea that we will have OICW / XM-8/XM26 setups for SARPII/III common sense has us locked into the current sustems with slight mods until a next generation system comes on line (Revolutionary not evolutionary) -- so until plasma rifles or similar tech comes there does not seem any benifits to change.

Add in a LMG setup for the C8 (a la Shrike) and you have a large comonality of parts at the section level.
Whoah, hang on- when did Diemaco acquire Ares? I never caught wind of that. Can you give me a link to that?

I don't want to start another Shrike debate, but when the C9 hits end life, a belt fed upper for the C8 could perhaps be a viable replacement, particularly in CQB.

If anyone hears anything further on any new Colt/Diemaco/Ares deals, please post it.
I heard that Diemaco bought the right to the mil/le sale/production of the Shrike from some USSOC guys involved with Diemaco on other stuff.  I was told it was "public domain info", and not close hold.  It was confirmed by others in the industry doing stuff with Diemaco.

I don't have any links sorry
No worries- I've not seen you to present something as fact that you weren't sure of before. Thanks.
Looks like the Diemaco name is no more...just checked the site and while its currently under construction its now referred to as Colt Canada.
I'm wondering if this means one will able to purchase a semi-auto 'diemaco' rifle, or at least an upper receiver like the rest of Colts rifles.  An SFW upper sure would be nice.  Hey, a guy can hope right? :-\
If this topic has already been initiated in a thread please move it but I've been waiting for this website to come online for a couple of months now and had to share the good news. Let the ogling over forbidden weapons begin  :threat: .

the website is up, but only the mainpage. the sections leading to the weapons and other areas are still under construction.