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DAA said:
He's an elected officlal, so I highly doubt that he took the time or had the time to write that himself, that's what "staffers" are for.  To maintain webpages/site and twitter accounts.  It's too bad that when these types of statements are made that they don't come with the lead in of "John Smith sent onbehalf of ......"

If it doesn't have the caveate of "Official" somewhere in the "lead in", then it's anyone's guess where it came from.

Wrong. I know Laurie quite well, and he definitely wrote that himself. 

Is it so hard to believe that an elected official actually gives a shit?
I'm always cynical about any writing "attached to" a politician's name, but on closer reading, and considering other info, I'm happy to admit I may be wrong on this one.

I believe it was written by him because it doesn't sound like anything that's been written by someone else, run through approvals, then posted days later.  In other words, if that text was run through approvals, it would not have come out the sausage machine looking like it does.  And since it hasn't been taken down, it appears nobody "up high" objects.

I'm impressed he goes into the detail that he does, while admitting not having every single answer.

He may not have all the answers, but he's gone up in my estimation.

pbi said:
One thing that seems to emerge from some of the posts above: we want to be very careful that we  don't dismiss valid veterans' complaints as being the Satanic work of the LPC, PSAC, or other anti-Tory groups.
Another good point to remember - something about babies and bathwater.
Rifleman62 said:
Well Journeyman, I sit corrected.

I don't Facebook unless I have too, or Twitter, but I can speak on the phone and quietly chew gum concurrently.
Despite the implications of that Danjanou guy  :mad:  I don't have a Facebook account.......but I do Google.  :nod: