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Communicator Research

Correct, Crantor. Information at the link that sigtech posted states that the VIE varies from one occupation to another. So, it's 4 years, hey (plus additional time punched in training for the occupation). I couldn't access the link you provided, Crantor. (Ever since I upgraded Internet Explorer, things just haven't been the same...don't know if that's the reason why, though.  :) )
I accessed it through the DIN.  That's probably why.  Sorry.

Here is the Comm Rsch TOS sequence VIE 4 CE 3 IE 25
Excellent, thanks.
*Just an edit to ask a question, here.*
The recruiting website states there are opportunities to work in places like Texas, Maryland, California, and Hawaii, etc. Is it likely to get a chance at these posts for someone new to the CF and the trade in particular, or does this come primarily with experience and time in the CF? Sneaky147, any comments?
Ok, I'm straying out of my lanes here, but I remember someone from the 291 branch brief us that 100% of all 291 grads are posted to Leitrim for their 1st posting.  Or a detachment of said location.  Greenwood I believe is one of those places.

Please correct me if this is wrong.
Yes, the CF website does state that graduates will be posted to Leitrim. I'm wondering when would the other posting opportunities possibly become available? I'm guessing there are many factors like personnel needs, positions available, experience of the individual, etc., that affect this decision. It seems that Hawaii is too exotic for newbies to the trade.  :D
    As far as postings go you are going to be told that you need your ql5 qualification before you go anywhere, although rumors of sending new privates to the regiment have been going around. If you talk to your career counsellor he will most likely tell you not to come see him for a posting until you have your fives and a tour under your belt, at least that's what we were told.
Hope that helps.
Crantor said:
Not quite.  VIEs are trade specific. 291 (00120) have a 4 year VIE.


opps Thanks for the corection Crantor ( There is a a reason I didn't go cleark  :rofl:)

DeltaWhiskey save your loonies cus once you graduate you off to Ottawa.

Then 4 - 5 years after ( This isn't a for sure this is roughly the normal lenght of a posting and this is changeing due to the need for people in other locations) then you could get a posting out.
DeltaWhiskey said:
Excellent, thanks.
*Just an edit to ask a question, here.*
The recruiting website states there are opportunities to work in places like Texas, Maryland, California, and Hawaii, etc. Is it likely to get a chance at these posts for someone new to the CF and the trade in particular, or does this come primarily with experience and time in the CF? Sneaky147, any comments?

The postings are definitely there for those who are willing to show a little bit of ability, I had two friends posted stateside last year.  As far as postings out of Leitrim, it's getting easier to get to 2EW in Kingston.  This whole Afghanistan thing is causing shortages our way too.  The kicker of being a 291er is your clearance.  It takes a while to get, and training can be quite long.  Fortunately the staff who train you are excellent, I'm back in Kingston on my 5's and there are excellent instructors there who do their best to maintain the welfare of the troops there. 

You're probably not going to get posted anywhere before your 5's unless you had some rank and your PLQ in another trade.  It's even unusual for this to happen, but I've seen it happen.  The good news is that the trade is getting squeezed so hard for bodies that they've stepped up the rate at which 5's get pumped through, and the wait time to get your 5's is decreasing rapidly.  Also, there are quite a few courses that historically require 5's qual which are getting more and more 3's.  Another thing to think of is that even though ALL 291ers at present are posted to Leitrim, not all of our Capital Region postings are in Leitrim.  We are in several other locations in Ottawa as well.  As postings go, Ottawa is a pretty good go.  It's a little bit expensive, but I'm from Winnipeg, and housing costs have gone up a lot more there than they have in Ottawa.  I'm not quite spec pay yet, but I have managed to live quite comfortably in Ottawa with a wife who works a reasonable job.  I still have 2 cars, go on vacation every year, eat out a few times a month, and satisfy my wife's insatiable appetite for shoes.  The raise we just got affects spec pay big, and I'm looking forward to getting my 5's behind me so I can collect...
dirtyjob said:
I initially spoke with a recruiting officer back at the start of November. My initial interests were Comm Research and Sig OP. The Recruiting Officer said that if I wanted to be deployed, and have a trade that was "exciting and active", that I would not enjoy Comm Research. I ended up applying for Sig Op, I am currently Merit Listed and anxiously awaiting "the call". I wonder if the Recruiting Officers just try to suggest the trades with the most need, as I am very suprised to hear that Comm Research is the 2nd most deployed trade, what would be the first? Infranty?

2nd most deployed trade?  I believe it.  There isn't a ship that sails without a group of 291ers on board, and every land based operation has at the VERY least SOME amount of support from 291ers.  Quick FYI, we don't read soldiers' emails.  We're a little bit preoccupied with stopping IED strikes and the like to worry about that.  Yes, there is a stigma with a little bit of truth that we can't recognize the dangerous end of a C7, but we get to the range once a year for a fam firing.  It's not entirely the operator's fault.  The truth is that if you have a 291er supporting you, you will probably fall ass-backward into good information, and your odds of success will be weighted in your favor. 
sigtech said:
Hey now I didn't say it was all lies

I am saying don't swallow it hole and expect it to be all true

What the managing authorities write could be true in a perfect world but we are steering off topic I believe

My main point is this as far as what I have seen and know to be truth is there are allot of people with there fingers in the pie when it comes to Network stuff.

Wiring , Techs set up network wiring and such, Linemen say it is their job
Sigops act a system admins, techs say it is their job
Some Network shops depending on who is in charge only want ATIS Techs stating let the LCIS guys handle the green stuff
And So on and So on
There is no clear line on who handles what when it comes to Network Admin side of things
There in-lies the issue, it all depends where you end up
Take at 2EW who handles the 291's equipment repair etc etc LCIS techs.
I am sure there are places where the security level is such that they handle administration locally I am saying it isn't the "norm" .

that is all

Hey guys,

Both of you are right, tech stuff isn't normally a Comm Rsch job, but when you get into a high security environment like Leitrim, their are several jobs that are manned by 291ers that are normally SigOp jobs or other tech jobs.  CFNOC is a perfect example.  It's not that other trades aren't perfectly capable of manning the position, but you'd need to clear the Operator to a higher level (which can take a long time), and we have 291ers kicking around who are already cleared. 
what shift schedule would a typical 291'er have?
would it take 3-4yrs for OJT between your QL3 - QL5?

sneaky147,  how does your wife deal with you working night shifts & her work schedule?

p.s. thanks for the replies,  you have shed lots of light on this topic

Good questions!

As far as the OJT goes, the wait time is getting less and less.  The demand for QL5 trained 291ers is getting scary.  I am on my 5's right now, and I will graduate 23 months after my 3's grad. 

As far as the shift work, I really think that it's helped my relationship with my wife for a few reasons.  I'm one of those people who like a fair amount of time to myself, and my wife knows it, so I get tonnes of time alone when I'm working eves and mids, or on days off.  Plus, I always have supper ready for her when she gets home, and who wouldn't like that?  The only times that can be a point of contention are when I'm working eves, and I don't really see her at all.  But that's max 3 days.  I tend to get a lot of stuff done during the day, as well.  It's just easier. 

I really enjoyed working shift, some find it hard, but it always sat well with me. 

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate...

I guess I'm bumping this thread back to the top now?

I've just registered so I could get a little more information about this career as it is one I am seriously considering enlisting for.

I've gotten a lot of information from all of you, so thanks for that! I do have one main question, though, that I hope someone will see and be able to answer. It has been said a few times that this is the 2nd most likely position to be deployed, but I've also read that there are numerous positions available on the ground in Canada to serve as well.
The thing is, and I realize this is less choice than I'd like, I don't want to go away for long periods of time. I'm young (well, 29) and married, and the thought of leaving my wife by herself for months at a time does not agree with me. So, my question is this: How likely am I to be sent off for long-term assignments? Now, I'm not talking about a week here and there once a month, I'm talking about being away for 2 or 3 months at a time without seeing my wife.

So, hopefully someone will be able to offer me a realistic answer-- And hopefully it'll be the one I'm looking for, too!

Thanks for reading!

Internationalcyn in all honesty if you are not prepared to deploy for long periods of time, I would really consider another career choice as you are not much good to the CF if you cannot deploy where needed for periods longer then 2 months.
Well I appreciate the quick reply. I guess all I can tell you is that no matter where I'm doing, I'll be doing the best I can. I hope to be of use to the service, just like anyone.

Can you give me more info about your statement, though? I could assume that you're telling me that I would often be away, but *how* often, and for *how* long?

I know things are varied and flexible, but I'm sure you would agree that more info is better than less info.

I read something else after making my first post this afternoon that said something about it being normal to be sent away for up to 3 months every 3 years. Something to that affect, at least. So, could that mean then that I would be away for 3 months (let's say), but then I would be on a posting at home for the rest of the 3 years?