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After finishing Battle school and get posted, is their a limit of courses one can take. For Example: Their is three courses i want to tale forsure, Para, Pathfinder, mountain and jungle warfair.

Are these realistic goal for courses i want!!!

Hope you understand what i am asking!
Asked and answered a couple of times over bud....try searching before asking.
Actualy I have searched, found a few things, but nothing concreate on what i am posting. Hence why i posted it. Basicly I want to know can i continulously keep taking courses whenever available, specificly the course i have posted above or do i have to wait.
You can take as many courses as you can complete during your career thing is, you must be qualified then picked and in many cases some courses are required as pre requisites to take others. :soldier:
Ahh IC my bad....

It is as Monger said, but depending on your unit don‘t hold your breath in getting some of those courses. It all depends on priority and if your in a mech BN, usually Para, Mtn Ops, and Pathfinder take a back seat to LAV oriented courses.

But if you really want them there will be a chance to get them no matter what Bn you are in......it just might take some time.
Obviously i dont know forsure what unit i will be with, Hopeing for 3RCR. However what units that you know of give better chances at getting these course‘s. Also does Regiment make a difference also!
you will probly get a better chance in a light infantry unit
There are wide range of courses in the Infantry that available to take. However jungle warefare, and pathfinder although extremely cool are also very few and far between. For example the Pathfinder course you need to be JLC and jump qualified and be recommened by your unit. Walk before you can run try and get on the basic recce course, or para both good courses. However I think its been said already and its true if you go to a mech bn, LAV courses and driver wheel courses along with comms, and anti-armour courses are run frequently to not a bad course either though. But they get run a lot more then recce, sniper, para etc etc.