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Deadline for ROTP Pilot


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Hello, I passed CFAT for Pilot, and am applying ROTP. My marks from HS need to be upgraded before I can progress though, and I've been working on that. The last course I'll be taking ends start of December 2023, it's say the Aircrew ROTP application deadline is Dec 31st. Is that pushing it? I'll have 3/4 courses done end of August, would they consider sending me to get aircrew done in the fall? Then once im done my last course I can bring in my new transcript?
Please speak with your recruiting staff about your timelines. The MCC/PSO at your local recruiting centre will be responsible for your file; as such you should speak with them directly.
The Pilot Project Podcast

August 15,2023 Episode 20: The Recruiter: Everything you want to know about joining the RCAF as a Pilot

What are the paths you can take to join the RCAF as a pilot? How much time will you have to serve? What are the eyesight requirements for a pilot? What can you do to make yourself an attractive applicant?