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Dental Plan


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So we all know how annoyoing BOR's can be most (all?) of the time. I've been bugging them about the dental plan. I've read the CFAO's and I know I get 1250$ a year in coverage at 80% because I'm a reservist. They gave me some form. Has anyone actually done this before and knows the procedure?
So, exactly how is your BOR being annoying?

You take the form to the dentist (most dentist already have this form as it is a standard dental claim) with your dental number.  The dentist does the work and either you pay the dentist, or some dentists will allow you to pay the 20% and get reimbursed by Great West Life.  Then, you return the form to your BOR, they will stamp and certify it and send it off to Great West Life.  Pretty simple huh?
I just went to the dentist to get a wisdom tooth pulled out at a civilian clinic and that was referred by the base dental clinic.   I just got the bill in the mail today.   I thought my dental is covered 100% by the military (I'm in the Reg Force).   Should I take the bill to the Base Dental Clinic and ask them to sort it out?   I mean, I hope I don't have to pay for it.    ???
Yes, take it to the Base Dental Clinic, they should have had something in place already.
Dental Number, I've heard of this before. How do I get one? My unit seems oblivious to it.
Your BOR will have a list of Dental numbers and they will asign one to you.  If you are having that much of a problem, write a memo and send it up through your chain.
The best thing to do if your BOr is not on the ball is phone the dentist  first and explain that you have this type of coverage, and bring in your payment form,  i have never had a problem with any civy doctor once i started doing this.  (it is weird how a 49 year old Cpl told me this but never made it passed Cpl  oh well)
Reg Force, Class B (181 Days +),Class C.. all covered through Great West Life..

Link: http://www.forces.gc.ca/dgcb/dpsp/engraph/cf_dental_plans_e.asp?sidesection=4&sidecat=17

When in doubt, call GWL and get the info on coverage from them. Your SN is your #, Plan Numbers are listed on Web Page.

Most Dental Offices process claims electronically and bill you for the remainder not covered by the Plan.

Class A  and short term Class B soldiers are also covered by Great West Life.  They are assigned a Dental number that is different than their SN.  Great West Life will not be able to give out this number, it must be assigned by the members BOR.  The Dental Claim must also be stamped and signed off by the mbrs BOR prior to it going to Great West Life.
Well, sadly for him, the only way to get that number is through his BOR.  If there really is a problem, deal with it.  Submit the memos or a redress if required.  Use your chain.  That's what it's there for.  Everyone, including clerks, are accountable for their actions.
Just a question, for army reservists is there a limit per year of how much dental work we can have done? I also was told that for work up to 500.00 we get 90% coverage, but if it is one cent more, then it drops to 50%. Is this correct?
Try this thread here, it includes a link to the actual dental plan:

Dental coverage for a reservist