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DEO AERE Officer application waits/delays?

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Hi all!

Cluster of advice needed here! I have recently reached the "FINAL PROCESSING" portion of my application, but getting worried about the timeline towards actually reaching an offer/basic training so that I can make AOBC this year.

Pretty much asking for any help on:
  • Average wait time to get out of Final Processing? (All paperwork is in order, references contacted, sent in for security about a week ago)
  • Is the AOBC still scheduled for June start? Or is it likely/has already been delayed?
  • Overall it's been 8 months to get to the Final Processing stage. Could I be looking at getting towards an offer within a month, or is it more like another 8 months?
  • And is AERE still highly demanded? Can I expect to not be waiting for too long hopefully?

Thank you!