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DP1.1, DP1.2 PLAR


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Hello everyone,

I'll keep it brief, said every Honorary Colonel ever

I currently am in the process for INT and I was granted DP1.1 and DP1.2. What exactly are those stages in DP1? It's been over 6 years since I've done my trade's DP1

The recruiter wasn't sure what this meant either.

Any help info would be appreciated, thanks

Note: this isn't an OT, I've since released and am re-joining
Honestly, if you and the CFRC aren't sure, have your recruiter go back to CFRG PLAR cell to reach back to the TA (Training Authority) that did your PLAR to state what it means.
I'm the TA representative for H Svcs and would have no issues explaining what exactly a PLAR meant if the recruiter wasn't sure.