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Dropping a choice post-interview


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Hello and good day,

I recently had and passed my interview and medical for:

2-MARS Officer
3-Log officer

My selection for numbers 2 and 1 were very difficult to choose, as I would like them both very much. Recently, I have spoken with members of the forces and even a family member who is a career counsellor in the Navy. I have been swayed away from Pilot and towards MARS. I was wondering how it would appear to a recruiter if I was to call and cancel one of my selections, if it was even possible.

Thank-you and good day,

Jacob Thornhill
Good day,

It does not affect your application to remove one of your occupational choices after the interview. If you were to replace it with another choice then you have to do another interview for the new occupation. I recommend that you contact your recruiting center as soon as you can to remove the occupation that you no longer want on your application. If MARS officer is the only occupation that you want to join then have it as your only occupation on your application.