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Edmonton Soldier Charged for Possession of Child Pornography

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Sourced from ctv.ca, 15 June 2012, Link <a href="http://edmonton.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20120615/EDM_soldierchildporn_120616/20120615/?hub=EdmontonHome">Here</a>

Edmonton-based soldier facing child porn charges
Updated: Fri Jun. 15 2012 10:55:26
Julia Parrish, ctvedmonton.ca

An Edmonton-based soldier is facing a number of charges, after child pornography was allegedly found on his computer.
This week, the Canadian Forces Military Police charged Master Corporal Clayton Holloway from CFB Edmonton with one count each of possessing and accessing child pornography.
The pornographic material in question was found on MCpl Holloway's personal computer, while he was deployed in Afghanistan.
He was immediately sent back to Canada, once his chain of command was made aware of the allegations.

The case is being handled by the military justice system.
1)  A reminder:  The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Canada's constitution, guarantees the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

2)  The courts, not public forums like this, are where this will be decided, so speculation/hearsay is not on here.

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And for all of those who like to watch Porn. Make sure you know what your getting yourself into when clicking on those sites. Just because a website may say all of the videos are with Ppl of legal age. Does not mean that they actually are. This may or may not be one of those cases, and it could just as easily happen to you.
The very latest -- the CAF Info-machine just issued this statement this past week ...
On December 12, 2013, Sergeant Clayton Holloway was found not guilty at a standing court martial in Edmonton, Alberta. Chief Military Judge Colonel Mario Dutil found Sgt Holloway not guilty of two charges related to offences that allegedly took place between June 16 and June 19, 2011 near Camp Phoenix, Kabul, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Quick Facts

    Of the two charges which were preferred by the Director of Military Prosecutions on Sept 10, 2012, Sgt Holloway was found not guilty of one charge of possession of child pornography under section (s.) 163.1(4) of the Criminal Code, and one charge of accessing child pornography under s. 163.1(4.1) of the Criminal Code.

    In 2017, the CAF began the practice of issuing a media advisory for each court martial proceeding and a news release announcing the court martial outcomes including Judge’s decision and sentence where applicable. As this was not the practice in 2013, this news release serves to notify the public of the outcome of Sgt Holloway’s court martial.

    This news release has been issued in response to an individual request. It is not the CAF practice to issue retroactive news releases for previous courts martial.
I moved the topic back to the normal posting areas as milnews posted an update regarding Sgt Holloway being found not guilty of all charges.

Here is the full decision from the JAG website: http://decisia.jmc-cmj.forces.gc.ca/jmc-cmj/cm/en/item/99096/index.do

The thread will remain locked due to the potential dumpster fire it could cause. If you have anything pertinent to add, please PM a member of the DS and we can post it should it fit within the site guidelines.
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