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Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

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The email you received, was it similar to this:

I would like to extend congratulations as I am pleased to inform you that you will be offered a position with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves.  The details of your enrolment are below:
Date:                    DAY, DD-MMM-2018
Time:                    10:00 AM-12:00 PM                             

Location:              Denison Armoury

                                1 Yukon Lane,

                                Toronto, M3K 0A1

Dress:                  Formal Attire

Notes:  Bring the following documents/information (photo copies are not accepted):

-              Social Insurance Number Card (SIN Card)

-              Direct Deposit Information from your bank

-              Photo ID (Driver’s License or Passport)

                During the ceremony you will take a solemn affirmation or an Oath to God. If you choose an Oath to God and would like to swear on a religious text you will have to provide your own text.

You are permitted to bring up to 2 guests to attend the ceremony

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly

Please confirm your attendance by responding to this email.


If so, you're set to get sworn in as you were informed per the email.
Well then, do as informed earlier to confirm with either your recruiter or unit's recruiting staff, but until you get an email of confirmation/offer of enrollment you do not yet have an official swear in date.
A Very Cold Fire said:
Would the unit orderly room know about my swearing in since I'm not enrolled yet?

99% of the time yes.  If you are set to enroll the OR has already seen your name on their desks as there is a great amount of background work to enroll someone into the CAF (even the PRes).
Worse case scenario they say they don't have record of you yet, but they might have insight as to who you can speak with while you're waiting for your recruiter.
Hello All,

It's been about a month since I was told to expect to be contacted for enrollment by the unit (PRes). In the meantime, I've exacerbated an old injury during a game of soccer, which the sports doctor believes may be a stress fracture (MRI pending).

The questions I have are:
- Is it possible to enroll while injured? I understand that BMQ would require me to be 100% fit, which is not the case right now.
- My fitness test expires in November (12 months since I did it). Would I have to repeat the test if I am not enrolled by that date?

Obviously, if it is a stress fracture, I may not be able to begin BMQ immediately (6-8 weeks of recovery and then rehab). I will inform the unit of my injury if and when I receive the enrollment call.
I'll respond to my own question, for the sake of future recruits wondering the same thing:

No, one cannot enrolled while injured. You must be fit enough to be able to train without rest days and medication for pain management. Even in part-time reserves.

After the Medical Technician explained this, it seemed so obvious that I felt stupid for even asking. I was just hoping to enroll without any further delays due to dumb injury. It's already been a year since I started this process.
ACE_Engineer said:
- Is it possible to enroll while injured?

ACE_Engineer said:
No, one cannot enrolled while injured.

For reference to the discussion,

Injury Prior to Enrollment 

Blackadder1916 said:
As your health status has changed since you had your medical, you are required to report that change to the recruiting medical authorities. 

As always, Recruiting is your most trusted source of official, up to date, information.

"Unofficial site, not associated with DND or the Canadian Armed Forces."

Hi all,

I have my enrollment ceremony this Friday morning (1000-1200) at the Denison Armoury. I'm just wondering who else has the same date. I'm looking forward to start my career with the army.

WasserNixe said:
Hi all,

I have my enrollment ceremony this Friday morning (1000-1200) at the Denison Armoury. I'm just wondering who else has the same date. I'm looking forward to start my career with the army.


Yep, same here. Very excited.
Anyone here enrolling at Denison Armoury on Friday Oct 30?
Also, can anyone comment on how enrolling is different now during COVID? I know, for one, my family won't be able to attend.