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Enrolment after 5D Release


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Hey everyone.

I apologize if this topic has been discussed. Im looking for some new insight.

Basically I went to CFLRS in 2011 at 23 y/o. At the time I was immature and didnt take things seriously. I didnt pass basic because of attitude. I only had grade 10 at the time and nothing to contribute.

I always regretted not making it through basic and having a career in the CF. I have recently reapplied to the CF. Since my release, I have gone back to school and finished high school, I have completed college and have a diploma in paramedicine and have been working as a paramedic for 2 years. I applied for direct entry as a med tech.

Can anyone offer some insight as to how the process works for reapplying after a 5D release, and if its likely to be granted acceptance after proven maturity with work and education.

Thank you.
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