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F/A-18 Loses an Engine Over the Bering Sea


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This event happened last summer but I found the account to be captivating. A Marine Hornet lost an engine over the Bering Sea and declared an inflight emergency. The air traffic controller received an award for her handling of the situation.


When a fighter jet lost an engine over the Bering Sea last summer, the quick thinking of an Anchorage air traffic controller hundreds of miles away helped bring two U.S. Marine pilots home safe, and earned the controller a national award last month.

On July 25, 2016, Jessica Earp was monitoring 20 to 30 aircraft in two sectors of sky over the Bering Sea between Alaska and Asia when one of those pilots lost an engine and declared an emergency.

About one aircraft a month reports losing an engine in flight to Earp's control facility — a Federal Aviation Administration building off Boniface Parkway known to pilots as "Anchorage Center" — but most of them are three- or four-engine cargo jets.

This one, however, was a Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet, making its way from Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks to a training exercise in Asia. The pilot, Capt. Jesse Simmermon, turned his aircraft back toward Alaska, with another F/A-18 accompanying him. Both were running low on fuel.


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Remaining calm and focused on the situation as opposed to the possible consequences are extremely important in airborne emergency situations

I'm a civilian pilot atm and we are taught the 4to1 rule... think for 4 seconds, then act for 1 second and repeat

Saves dozens of pilots

Very cool article and glad to hear both pilots landed safely


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From the comments section of the article:

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Amazing story!!! And even better outcome. Now, I'm just wondering if Ms. Earp is a descendant of the Earps of Tombstone fame. Lol

Jessica Earp: Yes, he's my first cousin 5x removed