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Failure Rate


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              Hey guys, I just wrote my apptitude test and had it marked today. The recruiter said I did very good on it and she made me up an appointment for my interveiw. I've got to do the fitness and medical tests still and I was wondering about how many people are denied at the stage I am. I'm going for Reg Force Infantry if that helps at all. I know I probably won't get a straight answer but Ive gotta ask any ways
Tyrone_88 said:
... and I was wondering about how many people are denied at the stage I am.

All the ones who fail to meet the recruiting requirements at any stage are denied.

It's not a questions of statistical probability, it's a question of individual aptitude, ability, fitness, health, etc., etc.  You could be one of the applicants that has absolutely no problems with your file.  Alternatively, you could be one of many that receive limited trade choices after the CFAT, or the one that gets denied becsue of a unique medical or background security check problem.  There are too many factors for any discussions of general estimates of failure rates in recruit processing to have any merit in relation to an individual case.
Think of it this way. You really only "fail" the interview if you're a complete knob.. if you don't know how to handle job interviews. Think of it as a normal job interview. You fail the PT test if you are so ridiculously out of shape that you can't manage 19 pushups, and however many situps. You fail the medical if, well.. you are unhealthy in some way.

Like Mr. O'Leary said, once you get to the background checks, security checks, and (if any) unique medical backgrounds, it becomes a case-by-case basis.

Look around the site, man. Search. Search. Search.

Alright thanks

I can do all the fitness activities with ease, I don't think I'm unhealthy and last time I checked I'm not retarded. I think I'm good to go I'm just a little nervous and I can't stop thinking about what could go wrong
If you fail the first test you can redo iy three months later. I know this for a fact.

Your health is your health and you can't escape that so...don't worry about that part what will be will be on exam.
If you are fit...well let's just say you won't have difficulty with the PT portion of the testing.

All the best in the remainder of your recruiting process.


So you know, I am trying for Reg force infantry Deo.  I'm only merit listed so maybe you should not listen to me, but what I can say is that I have taken other aptitude tests, and there is no reason why your application should be stoped at this stage.
I would not worry until the interview. :cdn: