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Field gun outside of North Vancouver City Hall circa 1930?


  Just saw your reply.

try looking in either the Cranbrook papers from that era if there was one for Cranbrook. I seem to remember that it was a "Columbia Valley" paper. If not in Cranbrook, you could try the Kimberley Historical Society to see what papers they have from back then. Also the Fernie Historical Society. If no luck there and you have the paper name the chase is still on as all newspapers in BC from I think the 1870s are stored (copies) in the Provinical legislative archivies or maybe by now in the RBCM archivies.  If so it should  not be to hard to have someone in Victoria chase this down in an hour if you can find the name of papers back then.

A  quick BC archivies search found:

British Columbia Archives
Visual Records Catalogue
Email: access@www.bcarchives.gov.bc.ca

CALL NUMBER:          NA-39744
Catalogue Number:    HP038975
Other Cat. Number:   

Subject:              CLUBS
Geographic Region:    EAST KOOTENAY

Title:                The Canadian Legion; Cranbrook.

Photographer/Artist:  UNDETERMINED
Date:                [192-]

Accession Number:    193501-001

A second option could be to try the BC Provinical Police Files. As if it was a "major event" the constables would have written down in their notes "Attended Cranbrook Royal Legion................................... These notes are stored in the provinical archivies.

again a quick search of BC archiveis
British Columbia
Provincial Police Force
Provincial Police Force daily reports
Originals    1913-1921    8.4 m


Box  Title                                        Date

59    Fernie - Kimberley                      1920

Box    File      Station                    Year

51    6          Cranbrook                  1919
58    17        Cranbrook                  1920

Wow, thanks so much for all that 3rd Herd!!! I'll check out those places soon as I can and will keep you all posted in here. It is interesting and I'd still like to know the story behind this gun here, and will be able to inform the Legion what I learn too, so thanks.

I dropped into the Legion after the Remembrance Ceremonies, they had an open to the public special invite after the ceremonies :) I didn't remember about the gun when I was there to start asking people about it while I was there though ... too bad :( I did meet some awesome Veterans though and heard some war stories (wow!) and also chatted up two soldiers from Eureka here to represent the States (ISAF???) which was nice. It was really good to share the day with everyone else focussed on  "Remembering" Very good turnout!

Thanks again  :salute: