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First Nation looking to join\ GED/ Infantry

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Hello, Im 20 years old (First Nation) I've always wanted a career in the armed forces(Infantry/ Firefighting). I didn't graduate high school but I have my GED and I plan on going to college (NAIT) for EMR\PCP (I have to wait 2 years for my full class 5 non GDL licence before Im eligible for that program). Everybody's application seems so strong compared to mine, but I dont really want to wait any longer to beef up my application I would like to join as soon as possible. Considering current recruiting quotas,my age,my education,  and my First Nation treaty status (is the CAF really looking to recruit more aboriginals? ), based on your experience what do you guys think my chances of actually making it into the Infantry are? ( And I mean just making it through the application process and recieving a job offer not BMQ or anything like that). I definitely want to make a career out of this Its always been my goal.
NativeProspect1 said:
(is the CAF really looking to recruit more aboriginals? ),

For reference to the discussion.

Aboriginal recruiting,

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