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For Wounded Soldiers - meet ROBOCHAIR

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I was down in Phoenix at the Scottsdale Ball Park week of 9-17 March

San Diego Padres one upped the SF Giants in an exhibition match

Savoring the glorious night warmth I walked back to the concession stands and as I was taking in all the Baseball scene Afghanistan walked by on 2 Hitech legs and a a hi tech arm. The young serviceman had 2 friends with him each tottering along on a prosthetic leg (s).

Talk about  a wakeup call

These guys are lucky - at least they can move around

What about soldiers who can't ?

Here's something our in house boffins should get onto now, if they aren't already doing it.

Meet Robochair for mobility challenged soldiers and people of all walks of life - got an 80 year old mother like I do? Odds are this could come in handy in the future for a wide range of people;

Pass it on