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Former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis roasts Donald Trump:


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Other than this comment came from a former senior member of the cabinet of who can be described as the most easily offended president in modern history, publically expressed "contempt" toward sitting presidents publically by retired GOFOs has become an all too frequent aspect of US politics.  During the 2016 presidential campaign, the current occupant of the Oval Office made much of all the generals who endorsed his run and though one of the individuals on that list was very contemptuous of then President Obama, his subsequent conviction and incarceration had nothing to do with the specific violation of the UCMJ being discussed here.

The likelihood of the US military taking legal action against any retired officer for making such comments is so slight as to be non-existent if historical precedent is followed.

Should General . . . . and General . . . . be concerned? Although the armed forces could employ this prohibition to restrain retirees’ political speech, the government has only initiated court-martial proceedings against one retired service member—nearly one hundred years ago in United States v. Salvagno. And the retiree in question—a former Army musician—was acquitted.