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Funny Pix & Video Thread

Retired AF Guy said:
Actually, one poster said he was killed.
If true, he should be a Darwin Award nominee.  A tragedy to be sure, but one of his own making.
Air Canada

Motto" We Are Not Happy, Till You Are Not Happy"

Did you book a "no-frills" seat next week? See what you are in for!!!!
Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway were ahead of their time!


"50 unexplainable black & white pictures"

Here's a little glimpse of where nightmares come from;

Hammer Sandwich said:
Here's a little glimpse of where nightmares come from

Nightmares?  After seeing some of them I may start checking the closet and under the bed before I go to sleep!  :eek:


I wouldn't call them all unexplainable.  Some look like circus/freak show shots.
Awesome.  Who doesn't like naked chicks with skeletons?  The first one is obviously a temperance photo.   
jollyjacktar said:
<snip... The first one is obviously a temperance photo. 

Aha! I detected that, as well.

(Makes me wonder if I knew that because I'm keen and observant, or if it's because I'm a drunk) :)

PMedMoe said:
<clip....Some look like circus/freak show shots.

God...I hope so....if not, folks were f--ked up back in the day!
Bear waves back at girl.  ;D  http://bcove.me/i44iphvc
Sulu declares WAR on Twilight! :nod:
- http://bcove.me/625u7a7u

Get them boys! >:D

Jack Sparrow featuring Michael Bolton (as you've never seen him...)  ;D


How Real Men Shoot Skeet


Behind the Scenes

The Jog Strap
NBA Forever - Christmas Day 2011 Intro


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