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GG breaks silence on prorogation; says there was hidden 'message' in PM meeting


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I think it's a load of crap......reorienting history....Michaelle Jean style......

GG breaks silence on prorogation; says there was hidden 'message' in PM meeting
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By: Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press Posted: 28/09/2010

After almost two years, Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean has broken her silence about the day she saved the Harper government and revealed that she was trying to deliver a hidden message to the country.

Jean shared some of her thoughts about that controversial, historic decision in a farewell interview with The Canadian Press. While Jean described the episode, seated in the same wood-panelled study where she and Prime Minister Stephen Harper held their high-stakes encounter, there were moving vans Tuesday outside Rideau Hall lugging away some of her personal belongings.

Jean said she wasn't aiming to keep the nation in suspense when she left Harper waiting two hours before granting his prorogation request. She said she simply wanted to take the necessary time before arriving at such an important decision — and, in the meantime, hoped to get the country involved in the process.

For two hours, live television cameras remained transfixed on the front door of Rideau Hall. So after an election with a historic low participation rate, suddenly, there were constitutional experts being interviewed while TV networks filled airtime and a national debate broke out about Canadian democracy.

"You have to think about it. You have to ask questions. The idea wasn't to create artificial suspense. The idea was to send a message — and for people to understand that this warranted reflection," Jean said.

"In those hours, all of a sudden, people were frozen, time was frozen and everyone was wondering, 'Hey, what might happen here? And why are they taking so long?'...

"History will decide, history will judge but I believe that, collectively, we participated together in something that will take us a step forward, maybe, in the necessity of understanding our institutional realities ... and our political system."
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