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Gordon Pinsent, Canadian acting icon, dead at 92


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Gordon Pinsent, Canadian acting icon, dead at 92

Gordon Pinsent, one of Canada's most prolific and iconic actors, has died. He was 92.

"Gordon Pinsent's daughters Leah and Beverly, and his son Barry, would like to announce the passing of their father peacefully in sleep today with his family at his side," said a note released late Saturday, written on behalf of Pinsent's family by his son-in-law, actor Peter Keleghan.

RIP Gord.
Damn. He will be missed. Lured to Hollywood, rejected it and came home. My favourite role was Away From Her, but there were others.

I recall his son Barry was a fighter pilot.

For Newfoundlanders of a certain age it was a hoot to see him in Canadian TV productions like The Forest Rangers (as Sgt Scott, the local Mountie in a Northern Ontario community - guess nobody in foreign markets would understand OPP) and Quentin Durgens, MP (probably the most honourable member of the House of Commons in our history - unfortunately a fiction). But it was when he became "The Rowdyman", that his star was set. It was quite the laugh (for me at least) that one of the scenes featured Pinsent's character leaving early in the morning the home of a woman that he picked up - in real life, the house next door was a frequent party spot for us, it was rented by a couple of girls with whom we were acquainted and on more than one occasion there were early morning departures.

RIP sir

I loved the character he played on The Red Green show

His character wore an RCR ball cap in that show, probably as a nod to wearing another cap.

Pinsent RCR.jpg

A screenshot from https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2484786841 He briefly talks about his time in the army at the 8:07 time mark.