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Gunner Challenge


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In keeping with, and taking inspiration from, Rick's Napkin Challenge, I offer this to our Arty SMEs and all others interested.

For a change I will keep my virtual mouth shut. Or is that I will virtually keep my mouth shut? Anyway...

The CDS is a gunner.

He has decided that the RRCA will resume its rightful place in the line of battle and is diverting the Army's entire capital budget, for the next five years, to modernizing the Regiment. Treasury Board has also granted a holiday and said that every dollar saved in manning can be reinvested in capital.

The CDS is also a scifi geek.

He loved Matrix.

Especially this scene.


Consequently his primary focus in on establishing a secure base of operations. A place where threats are kept at bay and from where his forces (arty, cavalry and infantry) can launch retaliatory strikes to remove actual and potential threat capabilities.

He is playing with a new deck of cards.

More to follow.
Priority One - Defence.


This is the primary requirement.

The requirement is to protect all the maritime ports and national airports around which more than 95% of Canada's population huddles and which serve as the core elements of the Canadian economy. It is an all-threat, peace and war, all season, 24/7 responsibility.
The threats range from the accidental, through the environmental and criminal, through the Grey Zone into the active threats of war.

The standard of excellence demanded by the government is Dove Purity. 99 44/100th percent success in keeping the cities protected and operating.

Cards on hand to play

Any off the shelf C&C system and any of the following effectors or similar currently available from the market.


Fixed or mobile, wheeled or tracked, armoured or unarmoured and the relative proportions of each are up to the proposers.

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Once the cities are protected the next requirement is the ability to destroy all capable threats, regardless of intent, within range of Canada's sovereign territories and waters, and areas of responsibilities established by alliances (especially NORAD and NATO).

For the purposes of the discussion the RCAF is considered to be Artillery. The RCN is considered to be supplying mobile artillery platforms. The spectrum of effectors ranges from bullets, shells and missiles, through UAS systems to manned atmospheric systems.

This deck starts with



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Once the home turf is secured then expeditionary forces can be considered.

Expeditionary forces will be built from excess capacity at home. In other words, once the necessary number of systems have been procured to defend the homeland then additional systems of the same type will be procured for support of allies and to fulfill treaty commitments.

When properly justified specialist equipment will be supplied.

Cavalry and Infantry forces will be made available once the Arty situation has been fixed. Their primary role is ISR and defence of the guns.

Offensive Forces can be considered separately.

In all seriousness, I am intrigued to see the impact of technology on Fires generally and what it means for creating a defensive system that we can use to cover ourselves and our friends.

Consider it a large area, expandable Iron Dome.
If a real threat to the Canadian homeland came along, all the FN would be demanding their own "Iron dome" systems and not doing it is racist. The Command post for all of this will be based in Miramichi using local ex-call centre employees as staff. Quebec would demand control over it's systems as well.
If a real threat to the Canadian homeland came along, all the FN would be demanding their own "Iron dome" systems and not doing it is racist. The Command post for all of this will be based in Miramichi using local ex-call centre employees as staff. Quebec would demand control over it's systems as well.

OK. Set up to manage those issues as well.

The purpose of the exercise is to see the limits of what is possible with the technology avaialable and demonstrate the capability holes that need filling.
One more card in the deck

Insert between the Wiesel 120 and the RCH 155

West Coast Boundary ~2,750km.
Southern Boundary ~5,500km
Majority of Canadians live within 500km of the Southern Border.
Northern Boundary ~5,700km

THAAD has a 200+km range - lets use 150km bubble to overlap.
18.33333 needed for the West sure you could get away with 18, but lets say 25 to increase coverage for populated areas - given that people tend to shoot more than one missile at you - and if it's re-entering ballistic - then your dealing with MIRV - and many warheads upon reentry.
Doubling the Souther Border for 11k km (most of your folks are within that) and you get 73.33333. - lets say 100 for the outliers of the border to the south.

North - 38, well get a few extra for that because with 50 you can also dot around Hudsons Bay.

So 175 THAAD, LockMart appreciated your investment.
Then lets get some medium range systems - say 50 MEADS for around airports - again LM appreciates your business.

I will deal with SHORAD and other things later.