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Has anyone ever been refused a position with the CAF due to lack of references?


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My question is has anyone ever been refused a position with the CAF due to lack of qualified references?

Here's my story...

So I applied to the armed forces a little over 3 yrs ago. I provided them with the references they required (2 teachers from college, and 1 ex-boss) they needed 3 in total. They state that these references must have known you for at least 5 years and can't be co-workers so I get it. However both of my teachers with whom I still connect with from time to time, they stated they didn't qualify even though I've known them for 14 years but they were technically only my professors for x2 years of those 14. However they accepted my ex-boss even though I've only known him for 3 yrs.

Then my application went stale for 2 years because I needed to get some medical documentation - which I finally got (it was a pain to get an appointment with a specialist but I got what they needed) so now my application is active again.

What concerns me is they are asking for 3 references which again have known me for 5 yrs yadda yadda... and well my pool has ran dry. I managed to get another ex-boss who was happy to provide me with a reference, and I have my Taekwon-do Instructor (but has only known me for 1 year not 5 so I am not sure if it will go through or not). Other than that I have no one else I can turn to.

My common-law boyfriend is in the military as well and we just relocated 2 yrs ago. The only new person I know is my instructor. I only had 2 jobs in 6 years. One of those jobs I'm using her as a reference - and the other well I still work there so can't use him without stabbing myself in the foot and risk loosing my current job.

I don't belong to a church or have any other affiliations. I basically work, come home, gym, Taekwondo and that's about it.

I am stuck in a corner and fear that because I don't have any qualified references will this stop me from getting accepted? I can give them loads of co-workers lol but they don't qualify.

linda7373, the reference requirement is to cover the last 5 years (ie. Jan 2015-Present). The form asks for 3 references but it is the time period that is essential. As such, the references you provide must, collectively, speak specifically to your character during the entire five year period. This is why your teachers who primarily know you as a student from over a decade ago were deemed invalid... in what capacity have they known you since 2015?

Unfortunately, without sifficient references you can not have the first part of your security clearance signed off.
Without that, your file simply will not be added to the Competition List for possible selection.

Hope that helps, and best of luck.

Ah okay, that makes sense. I will ask around some more to see if I can find 1 more person then. Really appreciate the help. *Note to Self... Join more clubs to expand network :)

Have an awesome day!