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Hazing in the armed forces

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Are their still hazing rituals in the Canadian Armed Forces? I remember hearing that hazing was really bad during the early 90's, and thats one of the things my parents use to discourage me from joining the Armed Forces. If their is hazing than what basically is a part of it?

Thanks for the responses.

PS: I did a search and was'nt able to find anything about the situation today.
Hazing is *not* allowed in the Armed Forces, and is strictly NOT tolerated.
Your parents don't know what they're talking about. General concern of parents, along with everything else they get concerned about, just join lol.
No hazing is allowed at all in the CF, did your parents discourage you from joining sports teams or going to university, cause their hazing rituals are just as bad if not worse.  Just wondering, no offense to anyone. 
Hazing rituals are specifically and strictly forbidden and have been so for years. As far as I know, there is no recent evidence that they are occuring. Were they to reappear the guilty parties could expect to be dealt with swiftly. Your parents are behind the times. As mac pointed out, the hazing rituals in some schools and sports teams are far worse. Cheers.
Who needs hazing when it's tough enough just to get in ;D
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