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How common are tracer rounds

They were making a big deal out of this stuff a couple years ago when canola prices were low (thanks, China) for the wildfire application.

If it is safe to use and effective, I am all for it.
Me too, for good reasons lots of safety requirements to prove suppresion agents work, but it's already got UL certification for class A and B fires.

The odd thing is that it doesn't actually fit into any existing standards (NFPA etc) as they are divided by type, and nothing exists for gels, so we're basically trying to figure out a performance standard for the unique properties for a gel. It's not a foam, it's not a water spray, aerosol etc so still developing it.

Edit: It's pretty hard fire science nerd stuff, which I'm loving.
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The normal ratio is 4 ball 1 tracer in 5.56 and 7.62. Aka “4B1T”

.50 HMG ammo is 4 B 1 T in 100 round belts normally,

There are 100 rd belts of tracer for the AA role, THAT is truly something to see. 100 rounds tracer in one burst.
In production loys of linked, Mag loads vary with user, rember Sect Comd "Watch my trace!"
In production loys of linked, Mag loads vary with user, rember Sect Comd "Watch my trace!"
Production lots are relative to user groups. I’ve seen some very unusual belts of 5.56mm and 7.62mm come factory made.

As well as some very inventive combinations made in certain units.

I have a 4k long belt of tracer stored, simply as for a barrel test for Crane, I had to shoot 100% ball, so we had delinked the tracer from 20k rounds of 7.62, giving me the opportunity to make the silliest tracer belt ever.

I used to belt M118LR with M993, and M62 in a 1:1:1 for use in a Hk21 but at anything past 400 the trajectories where so far off it was awful.

I can’t find any documentation on any API-T 7.62mm NATO, which is odd as 30-06 had API and API-T, so I would have assume that when the change to 7.62x51 occurred that some rounds where made, simply using the bullets.

I have seen ‘silver tip’ loaded in 7.62NATO, so I’m sure that some companies are making it still.

I’m somewhat curious on that, and there are still 30-06 M14A1 loads available down here, that I may get some to load. In the interest of science and all ;)