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How to get family on board

When I was six years old, I stood in front of a Citizenship Judge and told her that I didn't want to become a Canadian because Canada didn't have an army.  She assured me that indeed it did and so I said OK and swore the oath (of citizenship).  I joined cadets when I was 14 (and regretted not joining sooner) and the Naval Reserve at 17.  I've now been in the Regular Force for over 30 years.

No, 15 is not too young to be thinking about a future in the Armed Forces.  The opportunities are great and there is a lot of fun to be had.  I have no regrets (OK, maybe a few, but most of them at least have a funny story to go with them... ;D).
MikeRizzi88 said:
I am currently 15 years old, and yes I know that may be a little young to start thinking if my future careers, but every since I can remember, I've always had a fascination with the army (especially the Infantry) and wanting to serve my country  :cdn: . My parents know of my great interest in the military, but that is all they see it as, not knowing that I have actually been dreaming of enlisting. They are both teachers and probably wish for me to peruse a job in law or the medical field, but I honestly know that those paths are not for me, and would probably make me feel miserable with my work. Can anyone tell me if they have been in this situation and how they got through it?

Everyone has future career aspirations at your age, heck, who didn't.  My suggestion and for what it's worth........