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How's the CDS doing?

I bet 90% of those Nay votes were from people that are not in the CF and have no clue what a CDS is suppose to do. They should do a poll for CF members asking us the same question.
It would be interesting to know what exactly those nay sayers think the CDS is doing wrong....but I doubt they could come up with a logical explanation. 
Those polls are not very accurate. I just voted twice using 2 different browsers. I think I'll go around to everyone's desk in the office and vote yes, that should bring up the yes vote  ;D
Wasn't there a poll by CTV (talked about in a thread here somewhere) asking the exact same thing but with the exact opposite results?

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If you ever read the "Comments" on any of the G&M articles, you'd know the online version is monopolized by leftie apologists so this doesn't surprise me in the least....

Matthew.  :salute:
Those that voted "NO" in the poll will be the first ones to cry for military protection if the "sshit" ever hits the fan here in Canada.

Shag the civilians in this poll, ask serving and former soldiers their opinion of the CDS.
Internet polls are beyond useless.  Special interest groups and unions occasionally
email their members to have them vote on these surveys.

And those internet polls can easily be rigged.

I remember when I was in college in Saint-Jérôme, the CEGEP had a online survey about it's new website. We where a computer science group, and we knew that this website was a load of crap. The question was something like this "Do you like the new website?". Before we started voting, the results where 52 yes and 23 no. We all voted no, but as soon as the no equaled the yes, the number of no turned to 0.

Until the end of our degree we never trusted polls from the college anymore.
I was up to Petawawa today, and this topic was brought up by the owner of Petawawa Pizzeria right out of the Blue.  He as a civilian was all in favour of keeping Gen Hillier as the CDS for a few more years.  It would seem that civilians outside of the GTA and other major metropolitan areas have completely different views, especially those near CF Bases with Bdes.  I think the G&M survey is skewed and doesn't take into much account the views of Rural Canada.
This reply is a split from CDS to be replaced?

...Do the Math and figure out how many people there are in Toronto and therefore how many of the readership of the G&M are from the GTA. Look at who the populace of the GTA vote for...Lib and NDP...and therefore that is who is answering the poll. Lib and NDP supporters are not huge supporters of this mission and therefore most of them do not support our leader...

Your conclusion: Toronto has the largest metro population of anyplace in Canada.  Most people in TO are Lib or NDP.  Ergo, votes in an online, national poll are skewed that way. 

My query to that conclusion: Wouldn't that argument hold valid for almost any other national poll? 

As we know, not all poll results are so blatantly skewed one way or the other.  So I think the results have more to do with the voters not understanding the root of the question rather than the voters all being Lib/NDP -- and also what George Wallace wrote just above.

Loachman said:
P'raps the Taliban have wireless in their caves...

There you go! :eek:
George Wallace said:
...I think the G&M survey is skewed and doesn't take into much account the views of Rural Canada.

Completely agree with this.
Guess we should just wait till it snows again in Toronto and poll then :D
George Wallace said:
I think the G&M survey is skewed and doesn't take into much account the views of Rural Canada.

Any poll can be 'open' yet completely skewed.  If voting is uncontrolled and unmonitored then results cannot be dependable, there's just too many ways to skew the facts (as we have done here ourselves earleir this year with a few polls    >:D