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I submitted my application. Whats Next????

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Master Corporal Steven

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After submitting your application:

        You should receive an email within 5-7 business days after the submission of your online application, giving you further direction on the next steps to take in the application process.

To ensure that you receive correspondence between yourself and Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting the following is recommended:

• Adding the email address "@forces.gc.ca" to your Safe Senders list in your email account is recommended, as there have been instances where email communications between Recruiting Detachments and applicants are filtered out and end up in the junk/spam mail folder.
• Check your junk/spam email folder in case Forces emails continue to be filtered out.
• Check up on the status of your application every 30 days with the Recruiting Detachment processing your application.
• Ensure that you are checking the email account that you provided on your application.

If you have applied and have not yet received an email within 10 business days of submitting your online application, or if you would like to know the status of your application, it is recommended that you do the following:

• Visit the link to our Forces site, ( http://www.forces.ca/en/page/contactus-73 ) and submit a status update request for your application.
• If you know your application number, include it in the email.
• If you do not know your application number, ensure you include your first name, last name, date of birth and the postal code of your home address. This will ensure that the recruiter who receives your email can locate your application and provide you with a status update.
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