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If God wanted me to join the army....

I don't think your all thinking of the same person. My bud just got there last year and he said he'd drop you a PM today. I'd be careful about listening to what other people have to say about other people.....my buddy is a CFR (Commissioned from the Ranks) with over 30 years in the mob, I can assure you he would be helpful...but hey if you're thinking he's probably not a nice guy do things your way. Cheers.


I'm talking about the same person.  Those old time EME guys ...

He's a spy. Ask him -- he'll tell you.  ;)
oh vern, I dont have to ask him, he readily volunteers the info to me!..........lol ;)
ArmyVern said:

I'm talking about the same person.  Those old time EME guys ...

He's a spy. Ask him -- he'll tell you.  ;)

YEPPER those EME folks can't be trusted...hehehehe
ArmyVern said:
So when you initially failed the push-up (as per your first post) standard (that'd been female standard), I'll take it since then you've improved enough to meet the male standard since then, but then became sick?

Just trying to sort this all out in my head.

Remember that the initial standards of CF Express pushups (male or female) are minimal requirements, setting your goals to exceed the male standard are about right. There's a few of us about who try to accomplish that -- you are on the right path.

I failed the original pushup standard in 2003(ish) . Yes, I've worked my rear off recently to get my pushups up to standard while waiting for my paperwork to come through and have another chance at the PT Test.  Then I  got sick and haven't been able to do much for the past month, and am just starting to get back into the routine now(a;though I've been told to hold off a little longer). I'm actually debating holding off on re-doing my interview to get into better shape again.

I'll deffinately keep that in mind and try to exceed the male standard on my own. I was aiming to meet that standard just in the limited time I've had - 3 jobs + school. Now that I'll have a little more time, I'll aim to exceed :)
Well I called into set up my interview today - re-interview is now for the 28th of January.

I also found out that my landlord is an idiot and is trying to have me evicted becasue he didn't cash my cheque. So I might not even be in St. Catharines come the 28th. Talk about frustrating...

ah well, now that I've ranted - time to straighten things out with the landlord...

soldier on
So my stupid kidney infection won't go away and I have to go back in to get put on more drugs (joy). Plus I'm still waiting on my interview and everything else to follow it.

Newest - but not overly new obstacle; getting my significant other to support my foray into the military. I know why he's not keen on it, but it's not as though we're
b) living together
c) will be living together for a while

I know alot of relationships don't survive the military but I'd like to give this the best chance possible. He knows he can't stop me but it's just depressing. We already only see each other once a month, so I'm hoping that will remain possible.

I'm very frustrated with everything at the moment, but I really want this to work. It's also not overly fun trying to get my workouts in when I've got this lovely fever hanging around and am pulling an hour of sleep per night on average.

I know this is more of a rant but I'm really trying to make things work. Another 2 hours and I'm off for a run, doctors and calling CFRC again.

Hope everyone else is having a better week.

:salute: Soldier on
So bugging CFRC was actually a good idea. I stopped in today to make sure my file and such was in order and got my interview moved up - to Friday. I'm psyched although getting a litte more nervous. I know I have what it takes, it's just seeming like a huge step right now to pack up what's been expected of me for the past 21 years and go live my dream.

Found out that my interviewer is the same Lieutenant(N) who interviewed me the last time.

However on a slightly more negative note I ran into one of myleast favorite recruiters today as well and got the "well we already talked, why didn't you just call in " and a few dirty looks. I really don't get what this person's issue is with me. I asked for information and didn't get answers from them - so I went elsewhere. I get a little nervous when a recruiter can't tell me how long my medical is good for or how long my file will remain active if I don't contact them.

Well there's my good new and my mini rant. Yay...looking forward to Friday
Congrats on getting the interview booked. I had my Medical, CFAT and interview on monday there. I found the interview the roughest, but the Cpt. grilled me over my university marks for a good while.

I'm sure yours will go a lot smoother given you've already been interviewed by this Lt. Good luck!
My only question is how were you in the CIC for three years (as your profile says), when you've been trying to be recruited?

A CT would have sufficed, no?
Somebody feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can CT to the Reg F from CIC, only from the Res F.
You are wrong:

ADM(HR-Mil) Instruction 07/05
Canadian Forces Component Transfer http://www.forces.gc.ca/hr/instructions/engraph/0705_admhrmil_e.asp#7

2.2 Sub-components

There are no sup-components of the Reg F. QR&O 2.034 Reserve Force Sub-Components, provides that the sub- components of the Res F are the following:

Primary Reserve (P Res);
Supplementary Reserve (Supp Res);
Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC); and
Canadian Rangers (Cdn Rangers).

2.3 Component Transfer (CT)

A Component Transfer (CT) is a transfer from one component of the CF to another and is characterized as follows:

it is continuous service because it does not involve release from the CF;
it is a release from one component and an enrolment into another component;
the member must consent; and
the member must be accounted for on the gaining component’s establishment.

2.4 Sub-component Transfer (SCT)

A Sub-component Transfer (SCT) is a transfer from one sub-component of the Res F to another.

Wow, you do learn something new everyday!!  ;D  I did know that time in the CIC counts towards your CD, so maybe I should have figured out the CT bit.  :-[
Another ref for CT CIC to Reg:  http://admfincs.mil.ca/admfincs/subjects/daod/5002/3_e.asp

Table -  From: Cadet Instructors Cadre  To: Regular Force  Admin Org responsibile: CFRC

Interiew is over and done - passed it with no issues. Now I'm just waiting for my actaul offer of employment and BMQ. Apparently once the ball is rolling - it rolls fast. Gotta pack up my room here in St. Catharines and move back to my parents house once I've been sworn in, and I've been told to expect to be course loaded for the first week in February.

I walked around downtown Hamilton and St. Catharines completely dazed for 3 hours yesterday. I'm happy but a little nervous as it seems like it's just a ton of stuff to do in a short period of time.

AVS Tech here I come!!!