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In need of HRMS / Guardian Ninja


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I'm neck deep in EC and have hit a wall with a reorg project. I have Guardian O&E access.

Trying to change Pte/Avr ranks to NCM. There's no option in the drop down job code or rank fields to do this. I can change a Cpl to a MWO no problem, but when it comes to Pte to Cpl I am stumped.

Similarly, I have several Pte posns that are being converted to Offr. I understand I'll have to create the Offr positions (all 76 steps in HRMS), but what happens if I cancel a Pte position? Especially if it is filled, I don't want to do that.

Conceptually VCDS/CPROG and CMP have approved and hav OK'd the different rank off set, but it is to be zero growth and I'm hoping there is an easy way to fix either of these.
There is supposed to be a Guardian Guru at each unit, usually it is the Chief Clerk (C Clk) or the person who is responsible for monitoring and tracking positions in your unit. They can probably hep you.
There is supposed to be a Guardian Guru at each unit
Unfortunately, I think that is me. Our HRA released and the CC doesn't have O&E access. I'm working with DVCDS O&E and have a mtg with them today, but I don't have great expectations.

Thanks for the CFP 219, I will follow that down.
Follow up - Thankful for MCpl's today! Our L1 O&E figured out that by deleting the job sub-function code, it opens up the main job codes for the Cpl - MWO ranks.

As for PTE > OFFR, the PTE position has to be made redundant in HRMS while creating the OFFR position. CM has to make sure any filled posn that are made redundant have the incumbent moved to a vacant PTE position prior to the EC effective date.