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In service Photos with CFR


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I'm looking for in service photos of the following vehicles:
M-548A1  66-35482 served Armour school, 2 RCR, 4 CER
M-113A2 Dozer  65-36033 served 2 CER, 3 RCR, 4 CER,
AVGP Grizzly 78-37263  served TFBH &TF Kosovo SFOR
M-113A2 Fitters 65-38007 served 2 RCHA, 25 CFSD, 2 PPCLI
M-113 - M-901 TUA 86-78830 served infantry school, CFB Gagetown
M-113A2 ARVL 66-35393  served Meaford from approx. 1991 onto fall 2012

any help would be great,
regards Frank
Just out of curiosity, why those specific vehicles?
We have these vehicles and more in our museum , all are runners,
I have some with the ARVL at work.  All before the time of digital cameras so I'll have to dust off the scanner. 
That's great, one of my buddies has a photo of the ML he was driving being recovered by that ARV, also the gun plumber from my unit also crewed on that vehicle, I have all the files from Meaford for the ARV and the vehicle came with all of it's kit,