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Introducing Maintenance

PuckChaser said:
Merit points.

Ok got lots of those. I must be a little slow today. Where do I spend them, I checked both the QM and Training and found nothing!
You can use the PER screen to spend Merit Points on any attribute, including Maintenance. :)

Ohhhhh now I see, lately I have been going no further down than the CR. Hmm feel kinda dumb now :facepalm: Thanks Mike :salute:
PuckChaser said:
I think there are only 2 issues that I see with maintenance right now:

1. You can have expendable items destroyed. These items are lost in a mission anyways, and the only way to prevent this is to have just the amount required for a mission available on hand which increases the server load as you buy expendables for every time you run the mission.

2. The morale hit is too high without anything to counter act it. I just lost 9 morale for having 3 items destroyed, which isn't a big deal since I can keep running low missions to bump it up again but there's nothing you can do to balance the morale. Everything in the morale system was carefully balanced, but until I've leveled quite a few times to get maintenance up, I'll be bleeding morale worse than before the -40 cap at missed CR. I think a reasonable morale hit would be -2 morale for any and all items destroyed, not -3 per item.
Even at -2 per item, I'm running a net loss of morale by going to Timmies!
Mike Bobbitt said:
On the bright side, I have introduced 10 new medals to collect, all of which provided bonuses to the new Maintenance attribute.

I can only see two new medals, both involving published missions. Are the others to be introduced at a later date?
Are there any plans to introduce a maintenance medal as per the other stats. ie) 100 maintenance, get +15 combat readiness for 24 hrs type thing.
Yep. Just have to find some suitable rewards to go along with the medals!
Tango18A said:
I think the last change to the game wiped my consecutive days total. i'm back to 3.

Myself included.  Could be wrong, but I believe I didn't miss a day.
Just found a bug with the system. I failed a mission (losing 3 items in the process) and now my "120x 5.56mm Ball" is at -1. So it seems for consumables, the mission removes them, but the maintenance also removes them and you can hit negatives! :(
Thanks. I'm aware of that one but haven't had an opportunity to fix it yet. I wonder what -1 ammo cans look like?
Noticed that I lost 4 or 5 Leo's since it was introduced and I have a fairly high maintenance. Can't say I like this much.
Only lost 1 leo so far. TLAV's seem to drop like flies though....oh well 'tis the nature of the game. :)
Just a thought; maybe I've missed this somewhere, but perhaps instead of having equipment automatically being destroyed it needs to be damaged x amount of times.  So for example, you could run a mission and damage a Leo by 30 points out of 100.  Instead of automatically destroying the object, it becomes damaged and the equipment proficiency is temporarily dropped? And in order to repair the damage you need to spend Milpoints on repairing said object.  You could combine it with the training tab possibly; show the health of the item and the proficiency? if the points go down to 0, then it becomes destroyed.