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IRP HHT question


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Approaching CRA, I want to make sure my final move to IRP is done right with no regrets. The Mrs. and I are looking at Southern Alberta for that destination as you can get a lot more home in Alberta than you can in BC, at least right now for the same money.

Two questions.

1. If I stated Calgary as my IRP, how close do I have to be to Calgary to call that my IRP? (I know poorly written question) If I state Calgary, but want to look at homes between Edmonton and Lethbridge, will that cause problems? During a HHT trip to Calgary, could I relocate hotel rooms around Alberta while on a HHT?

2. Much along the lines of question #1. If the Mrs. and I decided to carry out a couple HHTs on our own, say to Edmonton, then another one, completely unrelated to the Edmonton trip, to Lethbridge. If we found our dream home in Lethbridge area, and did all the important stuff to purchase the house, could I get reimbursed after the fact for the second self HHT to Lethbridge, if I kept all the applicable receipts?

Thanks for any answers.