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Job Bank from Military Administration - RELEASE

George Wallace

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This was posted earlier, but is probably more appropriately located in the Military Administration Forums under the Release, Retirement & SCAN banner: 

sudanrceme said:
PAE MCAVS is looking for 421 Wpns Techs to work on the .50qcb and the C6 coax GPMG contracts are for one year. Send an email to
SDuring@paegroup.com   and ask for an application.
Ex wpns and reserve wpns tecs that are qualified on those weapons and are familiar with the Grizzly AVGP 1 meter turret.

This job is in the DARFUR REGION of the SUDAN so if you are interested
contact Sondra During at PAE they require 2 early in the new year.
if you have any questions contact me here on this board.

Perhaps that is where we should concentrate any such "Job Bank" info.  There have been a couple additions to expand on the above post, so take a look.