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Jump ruck hip pad


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Anyone know where I can get a cheap hip pad/ waist belt for my jump ruck? Or better yet have one they would sell me.
I use a US Army ALICE pack belt and back pad. Perfect fit to the frame, lots of lumbar support. Cheap on Amazon, or likely available or on order at your local surplus store.

You might have to cut and paste these links, sorry.

CPGear has them brand new as part of there 64 system.
A 64 pack and frame can be set up with the 82 pattern rucksack waist belt and back pad too. The straps on the back pad need extensions though using 1" nylon webbing. Cheap and effective, but not necessarily comfortable for everyone.
Thanks for the help. I saw the CP gear one and I don't feel like paying that much for it.

I ran in to the problem trying to jimmy the stuff off my 82 pattern ruck onto the 64 pattern, the back pad straps were too small as you said.

Log Offr thanks for the links I'll definitely check them out.
Ojay7, to extend the backpad of the 82 get a few tri-glides and a little 1" webbing and you can extend them up that way.  you may already have the webbing and tri-glides on old equipment not used any longer.