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Leave Policy – Annual (time off, after hours, ect...) [Merged]


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I think that when you start off you get 20 days holiday/year (correct me if I‘m wrong). Could you take those all in a row if you wanted to?

Also how much time off do you get after comming back from a deployment?
Canadian Forces Administrative Order 16-1 - Leave:

CFAO 16-1 -- LEAVE

In theory you could take them all in a row, but it is unlikely your unit schedule would permit that. Usually you would take 2-3 weeks in the summer, 2 weeks at XMas requires some annual leave days, and the others would be spread out when work permits.

Leave entitlement on redeployment from an operation is calculated at the time. Some of the forum participants can give examples from their own experience.
Can anbody here that has been to Bosnia or A-stan answer that second part?
The guys who came back from the last afghanistan tour had about a months leave when they came back.
From A‘stan we got 3x.5 days reintegration (not leave), 10 days debarkation and then whatever annual you had accumulated. There was some Special leave in there, but not everyone got it.
You get 20 days leave per year for your first 5 years, and then that rises to 25 per year. 2 weeks of "block" leave (Xmas, Summer, etc) usually costs you about 10 annual leave days, and if there are any statutory holidays (stat leave) during that period, you don‘t have to use an annual day for that. CO‘s can give out "short" and "special" (max 2 days of each per month, but I could be wrong) leave as well, but that is becoming less frequent. So, in theory, a 2 week leave period (a total of 16 calendar days) starting at 0001 hrs on Saturday and ending Sunday at 2359 hr, with one stat holiday (Canada Day for example) would be 6 weekend (no cost to you), 2 short (good luck), 2 special (wishful thinking), 1 Stat (Canada Day), and 5 annual days. Not too bad when you consider what the average civvie gets, but then again civvies don‘t have to put up with some of the BS we do, but I digress.

As for deployments, it ***used*** to be 2.5 days per month deployed, but I heard from guys coming back from overseas that it‘s down to 2 days per month (6 month deployment=12 days). Not really a huge deal, considering back in Canada, you get an average of 8 days off per month (weekends) plus any holidays or "swans" the CO gives you. Overseas you typically work 6 days a week, with a "Sunday routine" day that usually means you get to sleep in, and then do work or training in the afternoon. Add in the "48‘s" (48 hr leaves) twice during the tour..... (I base this on my tour to Bosnia in 2000-2001, so I‘m not sure how much has changed).

As for when you redeploy, it‘s changed somewhat (for the worse it seems), so I won‘t speculate on what it is for sure, but it seems to be about 2 weeks or so (excluding annual leave tacked on). My wife got a fair chunk of leave redeploying from A‘stan in 2002 (3PPCLI Op Apollo tour), but when you consider they didn‘t get the 15 days NATO/UN/whatever-you-want-to-call-it leave while they were over there, and they weren‘t able to burn off their annual before the All Important March 31 leave year deadline (they were over there),and got it tacked onto their post-deployment leave, and then got a few freebies, it wasn‘t like they got a big Xmas present (like "They" would like you to think).

Anyway, I hope that answered your question.

Op Palladium disembarkation leave on my leave pass was 7 days "Special".

Any more short or special is up to your CO.

In the reg force world taking your annual depends on your unit/sub-unit leave plan.

Just to show how bad we have it. 4 years of civy work netted me no more than 48 days holiday. One year on Class C with a tour in Bosnia all tolled netted me only 62 working days off.
For Roto 13 return...
As above for us reg force, 7 days special disembarkation leave, plus we go two Short days which are given on discresion of your unit CO.
All told, with the Easter long weekend in there, I got 14 days off.

With 25 days annual leave, shorts, stats, and all, we do get a wack of payed time off...
I heard that there is typically a 2 or 3 week "shut down" over xmas. Is this true? If so, from what Allan Luomala says above, you have to use vacation time for the days not considered stats. To add to my "I heard..." statement, I heard that this shut down period was typical (barring being deployed or what not) and that you did not have to use vacation time.

Could someone clear this up for me, please? I‘m going by the if-it-sounds-too-good-to-be-true rule here, but would still like someone to actually say it.
I can only speak of the time I was at ASU (T), but suffice to say each unit/formation would come up with their own policy for minimum manning and the like, based on current QR&O‘s and CANFORGENS regarding leave. The Canforgens would state which days can be designated STAT and how many SHORT days, and the procedure of getting leave if you happen to be the sucker, er I mean unfortunate person who is stuck doing the minimum manning. Confused yet?
"Also how much time off do you get after comming back from a deployment?"

Bwhahahahaha.....sniff.......uhh, sorry.

Each year we‘d arrive home from a couple of months in Germany (Reforger) on a Friday night, around 2100 hrs. We‘d have to be back in before noon on Saturday for another week in the woods (Staff School firepower demo).

While it‘s in your Boss‘ best interest to keep you as happy as possible and give you the time off that you want, never forget that while you‘re entitled to leave, you‘re not entitled to choose when you get it.

<I'm not even sworn in yet and I am already asking about leave>

I am off to IAP-BOTP this January. My wife and I are expecting in late March. BOTP isn't complete until April 17th. I realize that I will not be able to be threre for the birth, however does anyone know what if any leave I would be entitled after BOTP?

I have been told to expect SLT after BOTP (although I have also been told that 032s are getting waived past SLT). If I take some leave after BOTP will I miss SLT and hence be 9 months behind in the training pipeline? Or will they give me leave then perhaps an OJT the PFT and have to do SLT later?

Wow.. tough question... and thats one heck of a thing to miss...  but such is the military life I guess.

Best of luck in whatever happens. I have no idea what to tell you, or who Id talk to about it... but I know I'd be asking about it the minute I got to St Jean.
When you get there, make sure you mention it in your candidate autobiography, and remind your section 2ic and section commander.  There is a chance of compassionate leave, and sooner people know the easier it is to process (and make up any training you miss).  Good luck.
When I was in St Jean (NCM) it was my understanding that you accumulate 2 days of leave for every month you are in training.  I was allowed to take leave while I was there, and when fresh bodies arrived in Borden they shooed them away on any leave that was left before April, because you are not supposed to have any leave when April arrives (the new fiscal year when you are alloted annual leave again) so they expect and encourage you to burn it off.

So you will prob have leave coming to you, as to when you can use it thats up to the ones from above.  When in doubt, talk to the padre, they have the ear of God and the CO.

HOpe that helped a little.
You may be entitled to some special or compassionate leave, but wouldn't count on it. The sooner you inform your Sect. Comdr., the sooner the chain can start to move on your behalf. Be relatively humble in your requests and ensure that you show them no negative response if they cannot help you out. They will know (and probably share) in your disappointment, which COULD work in your favour. The CF makes considerable effort to keep things happy on the homefront these days and will move mountains if they can. But the army moves slowly at the best of times, so notification time is your best friend in this.

The birth of your child is an important thing to miss, but such is life for many in the military. Best of luck to you in your training and with your new little family. Congrats in advance.

Within the first week or so you usually have a meeting with your OC (Platoon Commander) in IAP...  Id for sure mention it then, they usually point blank as if there is anything you are worried about or that may adversely affect training, family situations, etc.

Also Id for sure advise your Sect Comd asap... Im sure they will be at least able to give you some time during the birth to yourself so you can use a phone or something, if no compassionnate leave is possible.
Bograt, don't worry about missing a few days of SLT, it won't make that much of a difference. Myself and 2 others had to take 2 weeks off during our SLT to burn off some leave, we came back and picked up right where we left off. BOTC on the other hand, one day can mess your course up. I'd advise you not to miss any time on BOTC, you may be able to get a Fri afternoon off and go home for the weekend if necessary, but I wouldn't advise missing any more time than that. You cover quite a bit of material each day and it could mean a recourse if you don't meet the course criteria.
I have a question to all you regF guys,

on the dnd site it says for your first 4 years of service you are granted 20 days of annual vacation time that you can take whenever you want.
Im wondering if this is separate from holidays and such, ie christmas,labor day, etc things like that.Is it 20 days on top of national holidays, or do holidays count?

If I wanted to take 5 days off on particular month, another 5 in another month and say 10 in the summer, or something, can you do this as long as it doesnt interfere with operations/exercises etc?