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Legal Officer Application

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Good Day,

I have a DEO legal officer application in progress. After inquiring on June 11, 2016 if any additional documentation was required I received this response from my recruiter:

"Your application has been nominated for JAG pre-board review.
Once the JAG office have determined that you suitable candidate, we will be authorized to book you in for a medical and interview for Canadian Armed Forces.  Once you are found suitable and met the medical standards for Canadian Armed Forces, you will be invited to the JAG Board.

Note: not all JAG applicants will be found to be suitable by the JAG pre-board.  Only successful applicants will be contacted.

This raised five questions:

1. Are all applications for Legal Officer "nominated" for Jag pre-board review, or is there a cut off state that must be reached beforehand?

2. I have seen some information on these forums about the JAG board, but nothing about jag PRE-Board. If someone could kindly describe this part of the application process it would be greatly appreciated.

3. If the recruiters required additional information or documents in support of my application during the "nomination" phase would they have requested it on their own initiative or would they wait and detail the required information/documents in response to my question?

4. Considering that the response occurred a month ago, and I have not heard anything additional since, is it safe to assume that it is unlikely I was successful at the Jag pre-board stage?

5. I understand the tone of the email to be "don't call us, we will call you". Is it inappropriate at this stage to request an update from the recruiter?

Thank you in advance for any help any of you are able to provide. I eagerly look forward to your response and any additional light anyone can shed on the recruiting process. This website is an invaluable tool for those contemplating or applying to the Canadian Forces. 
1.  No, not all applications will be sent for pre-board review.  Advancement will be based on your CFAT/TSD results, education credentials and professional experience (CV).

2.  Pre-boards are usually done on a National basis by a "Specialized" Legal Recruiter who is assigned this duty.  The file is reviewed for basic eligiblity, CFAT/TSD Scores, Education Credentials and prior experience in the Legal occupation.  Once this process is completed, the file is forwarded to the Legal Branch who in turn compile all the returns from across Canada and pretty much decide on a "short list" of applicants to call in for a more personalized interview process.

3.  The Specialized Legal Recruiter liaises with the Legal Branch on initial file submissions, so if something was missing or lacking, they would have been informed and in turn contacted you asking for the additional information.

4. and 5.  Don't be overly concerned at this point.  The pre-board is merely the initial screening process, checks in the boxes, etc, etc.  If you didn't meet these requirements, you will be informed shortly.  The JAG Branch normally only conducts their portion of the application review maybe twice per year, so it's common to not hear anything for 3-4 months after your submission.  Nevertheless, all applicants are encouraged to maintain contact with their local Recruiting Detachment once every 30-45 days, regardless of your chosen occupation.

Applications for Legal Officer are a long drawn out process, sort of like having multiple "discoveries".    ;)  Initial screening, pre-board/JAG file review/short listing, medical and interview, invitation for a specialized interview and if successful, an offer of employment.

Maintain contact with your CFRC periodically and good luck Counsellor!