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LOG Training


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  I just received my offer as Log Navy Officer, my first choice. The reality is now sinking in, and my spouse is now asking very good questions, such as : "When will I move to join you ?" Will it be after BMOQ, after the LOG training ?"

I am starting BMOQ at Venture on May 25th (yes, not St-Jean !). From the job description file, I understand that there is an "Environment Officers Common Course " (Phase II) followed by 3 others phases. Phase III "Logistics Officers Common Course" would be given in Borden, and Phase IV and V would depends on your specialization.

Can someone enlight me on the duration of these courses ? Where are they typically given ? Are they all in sequence or they are given over a span of years, while you are working on the job ? When will I be able to bring my family to my final posting ? I understand that there are no definitive answers but an idea of the global picture would help a lot.

Thank you
It depends on what happens after your BMOQ and naval environmental training.  If you get posted somewhere on OJT waiting for your Log courses then you would be able to move your family there.  But if you go straight to Log training, I would suspect you would move your family afterwards unless you happen to be posted to the same location that Log training takes place.
Log common is about 1 1/2 months long; Sea Log is just over 3 months.  Both are usually conducted in Borden.  Depending on the sequencing between them there could be a gap where you'd be sent on OJT, SLT or other; it depends.

Unless you'll be in Borden a year or more you generally won't get a cost move; that will come on completion of that training and your first full posting (Halifax or Esquimalt).
Hi ReadyAyeToBe ,

I don't know if you've seen the website http://www.forces.gc.ca/admmat/cflb-slfc/officers-officier-eng.asp
It has some good information on the different phases and career development/progression and it also talks about what each phase of training includes.