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Logistics Mess Kit Helpful Information


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Well I thought it would be a great place to start for some folks. I know I am in the market for the kit. So I thought it would be useful to post some information on this issue, for any other poor soul like myself.


214. Logistics Mess Dress Instructions

The purpose of this article is to amplify the Mess dress instructions as they apply to Logistics Branch specific items. This instruction amplifies A-AD-265-000/AG-001 CF Dress Manual. This directive supersedes previous directives issued by the Logistics Branch.

While many variations of Mess Dress exist, this directive refers to No 2 Mess Standard

Navy and Airforce personnel of the branch shall wear No 2 Mess Standard in accordance with chapter 6, annex B of the Canadian Forces Dress Manual. Naval Officer rank shall be in accordance with chapter 3 Appendix 1 to Annex A of the Canadian Forces Dress Manual. Logistics Branch shirt buttons may be worn in lieu of plain buttons. The Logistics cummerbunds shall be worn (Air may wear the Air Force Tartan if desired), except when a waistcoat forms part of the ensemble. Plain gold, or logistics branch cuff links shall be worn with the shirt.

Miniature flying and specialist skill badges Naval Mess Dress Jackets:

Navy Blue. A single miniature cloth metallic embroidered badge, sewn on the left sleeve, 0.6 cm (1/4 in.) above the circle in the upper row of officers' rank lace; and similarly above the rank insignia for ranks of CPO1 to PO1. For the ranks of PO2 and below, the badge shall be sewn on the left sleeve 9 cm (3-1/2 in.) from the bottom edge of the cuff to the base of the badge; and

White. A single standard or approved miniature size metal badge worn centred on the left breast, with the lower edge of the badge on a line 0.6 cm (1/4 in.) above and to the left of orders, decorations and medals, or in a corresponding position if miniatures are not worn.

Army logistics mess dress: (See Annex O for Uniform figures)

Jacket. The material shall be doeskin, wool 650g/m2 or cloth, barathea, wool 360g/m2. The shell shall be scarlet in colour with midnight blue on collar, lapel, shoulder straps and surgeon cuffs. There are no shoulder straps on NCM jacket. Surgeon cuffs will have two buttons. The male jacket, worn opening the open state, will have a single breasted opening with four buttons, 26 ligne, and buttonholes. The female jacket closure will have one button, 26 ligne, and a buttonhole. The design for male and female shall be as per Figure 1 and 2;

The collar badges. Collar badges will be worn centred on the lapel of the mess dress jacket between the fold and the edge, with the base of the badge parallel to the ground and the top of the badge on a line 3 to 3 1/2 inches below the point where the shoulder seams meets the edge of the lapel. Distance will depend on individual physique. Metal collar badges may also be worn. Collar badges are to be worn by all Army Logisticians;

Cuffs - Surgeon style, midnight blue in colour;

Cuffs embellishments,
(1) Lace Field officers (NSN 8315-21-872-2983).
Lace, ornamental, Gold; jacquard weave, polyester
0.500 in, 12.7 mm,
(2) Junior Officers and CWOs - Braid, textile. Polyester, flat,
.25 in, 4.0 millimetres wide, gold colour, sealed pattern,

(3) MWO and below no embellishment, and

(4) Buttons - Two 26 ligne Logistics pattern per cuff;

Shoulder Strap. The shoulder straps in midnight blue with CF new gold rank braid with one 26 ligne logistics pattern button on each strap. The NCM jacket will not have shoulder straps. NCM will wear CF scarlet background rank insignia on their jacket sleeves;

Miniature flying and specialist skill badges. A single miniature cloth, metallic, embroidered badge, sewn on the left breast, 10 cm (4 in.) down from the shoulder seam to the top edge of the badge, and centred between the edge of the lapel and the arm seam;

Waistcoat. All Officers and CWOs may wear the waistcoat. They may as an option during the summer period wear the white shirt for male, blouse for female and cummerbund. Male waistcoat has two pockets while the female has none. The front closure will use four 26 ligne Logistics buttons. The design for male and female shall be as per Figure 3 and 4;

Cummerbund. The CF Logistics Branch cummerbund will be worn with those orders of dress where the waistcoat is not included. The Service Battalion cummerbund may be worn by members serving with a Service Battalion at the discretion of the unit Commanding Officer;

Trousers. The design of the trousers shall be as per Figure 5. The trousers will have a high English back, ticket pockets in waistband, "cut-on" waistband and angled bottoms. A trim appearance is desired, with a leg wider than a military overall but narrower than a normal military CF trouser. The colour shall be midnight blue and the material shall the same type as the jacket. The stripes shall consist of two stripes each 1/2 inch wide and shall be centred on the out seam and spaced 1/2 apart and of the same colour and material than the jacket;

Skirt (optional for females) The design shall be in accordance with Figure 6. The material shall be the same than the jacket and the colour identical to the male trousers. The slit embellishment shall consist of 2 scarlet stripes of 1/2 inch wide centred on the slit;

Shirt. A white plain dress shirt with pleated front, French cuffs and regular (standard) collar or wing tip collar shall be worn. Plain gold or Logistics Branch studs and cuff links are authorized;

Blouse (optional for females). A white long sleeved, cuffed, gold-buttoned front closure with a high-buttoned rolled collar. The blouse is available through Canex;

Bow tie. A black bow tie hand or permanently tied, to finish approximately 12 cm (4 3/4 inches) in length, 4 cm (1 1/2 inches) at squared ends and 2 cm (3/4 inch) wide at the knot shall be worn;

Footwear - Male. Shoes leather black or wellingtons with socks nylon black. Female - with skirt pumps, black leather with plain pattern beige or black nylons and with trousers, pumps, shoes leather black or wellingtons with socks nylon black;

Outerwear - Refer to A-AD-265-000/AG-001 Annex B paragraph 8; and

Accessories - Refer to A-AD-265-000/AG-001 Annex E.


Now for getting the suit. Andrei can make them for you. I am not spamming these means but here is their site..
Their number is 1-866-826-1059.


I called their number and got a full quote from them. I"m under the impression I should have around $800 - $1 000 max to play with on this issue. I know my wife will kill me. But I was again talking to this company and here is how it works. You call them. They refer you to a tailor for sizing in the local area. Then an invoice to drawn up by Andrei and the tailor. You pay a down payment, average about $200. When the kit is complete you come in to try it on, then pay of the rest. Now for being a Loggie, Andrei company said they are connected to CFSAL kitshop so they can get you the cummerbund and other stuff. Also they can sell you Wellington boots, but I am not sure about us Loggies wearing those. I have to ask around.

Now another payment plan is 12-24 months plan with the CANEX deal, I don't know about myself. But I'll pass, but I"ll add the link in case if any one is intrested.


From what I've been told, you get measure at the tailors and they make the order. Andrei makes an invoice for you. You then go to your local CANEX and get this payment plan figured out. Then your mess dress will be proceed to being made.

There! Now the people will know I was here.
How many pte/cpl/MCpl's use/need mess kit to begin with?

I'm thinkng the number has got to be low.

True, but I thought this can be helpful to any one.
Wellington are approved footwear for Logistic pers, read the Dress regs you posted under footwear. I have been wearing Wellingtons since getting my Mess kit. They beat your Oxfords shoe, No polishing, brush shine only.
Brush shine indeed I too am a Loggy and I suppose being an ex Infantry MWO I would have a heart attack if I put a brush to my Wellingtons by the way they come up a real trat with a bit of the old spit shine. My advice re Mess Kit is you get what you pay for. Beware of the good deals etc go for doeskin and doeskin only otherwise you will look like a New Orleans pimp. Another thing get Calvary overalls they help make the pants look sharp. If the tailor doesn't know what they are walk away. Oh yea do not go cheap on your shirt agian you get what you pay for (I fibbed to my wife re how much, big bucks bot it is the Rolls Royce of shirts and has lasted some 10 years and still looks the biz). Finally if you have the extra $$$$ get the summer whites. Not all that pricey and really worth it in the heat.
I have the mess kit! Andrei did very well..

Any suggestions on wellington's in the montreal area?
While searching the sight for the subject above I found that the original link is broken.

Here is the new one: http://www.andreitailors.com/

Rob :cdn:
Just got my mess kit. Looks Great. Had the miniatures all mounted and then they changed the how gongs were awarded and I have medals I am not entitled to and others that are missing now..lol thanks CF...176 Dollars well wasted lol.
But What I am on here looking for is a new link to the Logistic Kit Shop or a SVC Bn one so that I may procure for my own drinking and dining pleasure. A proper Logistics Cummerbund/Bow-tie.

I know this is and old thread. But at least i Used the search function.