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LS Benoit Bilodeau, R.I.P.

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This from Metro Halifax:
The search for a missing Canadian Armed Forces member ended tragically Monday afternoon.

Leading Seaman Benoit Bilodeau, 48, was found dead on Shearwater Flyer Trail, a wooded area off Howard Avenue, just after 1:20 p.m. A citizen called police after discovering a man's body on the trail, Halifax RCMP said in a news release issued late Monday night.

That body has been positively identified a Bilodeau, who was reported missing Nov. 25 after he failed to show up for work, and was last seen Nov. 21, walking near a bus stop in front of 12 Wing Shearwater.

Halifax police's special investigations unit and national investigators with Canadian Forces are still determing what caused Bilodeau's death, with the help of the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner, but "foul play is not suspected at this time," the news release said ...
This, from Rear-Admiral John Newton, Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic:
“It is with great sadness that I report that Leading Seaman Benoit Bilodeau was discovered deceased yesterday in Eastern Passage.

“RCMP, Halifax Regional Police, regional Search and Rescue teams, and the Canadian Forces National Investigative Service worked diligently to find Benoit, keeping my command, the Base Commander and Commander Maritime Operations Group 5 informed as the investigation proceeded. Hope for Benoit was never given up and searches and chasing leads never waned.

“Benoit’s next of kin have been notified. We will continue to provide support and resources to his family and colleagues in order to assist them during this very difficult time. When the time comes, we will honour him in remembrance as is our tradition.

“On behalf of all in the Royal Canadian Navy, I extend our most heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Leading Seaman Bilodeau gave the Royal Canadian Navy 29 years of service, with many of those years spent at sea.

“Any tragic incident of loss always invites us to reflect on how we care for each other. We take this time to think warmly of our shared service with Leading Seaman Bilodeau and the professionalism and support that he offered his commanders, shipmates and trade.

“As a mark of respect for our colleague, his family and his friends, I invite you not to speculate on what happened. The proper authorities will complete their investigation in due course.

“Thank you most sincerely to all those personnel who supported the investigation, searches, family contact and ultimate resolution of this sad matter.”
I knew benny for years, as a bos'n and a storesman,  he was a good man and a soil sailor and worker. 

I feel for his family. 

Fair winds and following seas benny!  :salute: :cdn:
RIP Benny. Will try to  the link to the obit up as soon as I get more info...
.....well shit....
We were all hoping there was an explanation...
Just found out that that there is a memorial service for Benny next Friday (15 Jan) at 1330 at St Brendan's Chapel at Stad for friends and coworkers. His funeral was at home in Quebec in December but his brother and mom will be at the service next week. Dress for members is 1As. Any further questions can be directed to the Base Chiefs Office at Stad.

Halifax Tar said:
I knew benny for years, as a bos'n and a storesman,  he was a good man and a solid sailor and worker. 

I feel for his family. 

Fair winds and following seas benny!  :salute: :cdn: