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Man drives CF truck onto airport runway



    Pool key press. Hmmm. In my location many of our AMSE vehicles such as mules and gators do not have keys needed to start them. And in the summer we leave them outside where anyone could take them for a ride. But they would be caught pretty quick when the tower does sees them and receives no reply on their radio request. Hell the planes often get left outside on the line when the weather is good! Granted it is much harder to get on the GRA here. I thought while living in Winnipeg that the window sticker was convenient. My civy mom would take the car to pick up my father from work. But now in retrospect you realize that it is a very poor method for that very reason. Unless you go through the day they do random id checks, anyone driving a stickered car can get through. Here anyone can get "on the base" to access the Canex, the gym, the Bleachers, the MFRC, etc and many of those are utilized by civilians. But to gain entry to the GRA you need a pass done at the MP's after your security clearance goes through. That's why you only see young kids (who don't get id'd obviously) around the hangar and not the wives. ;D (They cannot get through. You see a lot of their spouses get dropped off at the GRA and walk to work from there)

  As far as visitors here, to get my father a hangar tour I had to fill out a form, have it signed by the CO, take it to the MP's a week in advance, and then pick up the visitor pass the day we were going through and return it afterward. The pass dictated that he was not to be unescorted anywhere. Incidentally when I was a delivery driver for a pharmacy and had to drop products off at the 17 Wing BHosp, I had to get out and go in the mp shack, show id, get the pass, and drop the pass off on the way out. It took longer to do that than it took me to take care of my business at the BHosp. Security seemed to be taken seriously at that time at least.