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March leave? DND down time?

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I'm currently at my bmq and there's alot of talk of leave for march like a block leave something about the DND I'm not sure just going off of what I heard. Does anybody know anything about a march leave. Also I'd imagine we'd get some time for Easter like a day? Hopefully no leave as I just want to grad bmq and get to battle school. If anyone has any info that'd be great.

The trg Center will remain open just for you.

Watch and shoot from the staff. You'll get info on their schedule...not yours.
I suggest you ask your instructor to explain what's going on. My guess is that this is something normal in the school.
....or wait for the decision to come down in orders.
In BMQ...you listen, learn and wait for direction.
If there is "down time" then there is "down time". You will be told in clear direction what will be going on. I would ask the students around you first before asking an instructor. If something was said and you didn't listen to them clearly, it shows you don't take direction well and that will come back and bite you. SO, hold tight, stand by, listen and carry on with the order.
Nothing has been said from instructors, this is jus speculation as a few guys from our platoon have heard others speaking of it. Seeing if anyone here knew before asking instructors, it's not a big deal so I'm not going to ask my instructors about it just seeing if anyone on here knew. Besides you are right I'm only week 3 here and have noticed you just react to orders here you don't worry about ones to come.

Thanks guys.
Wisdom will serve you well young Padawan. Best of luck on the rest of your trg.
I had to give MilPoints.

Posted potentially dumbass question.
Got dog-piled.
Didn't respond with  :crybaby:

Nice to see.  :)
Jammer said:
In BMQ...you listen, learn and wait for direction.

In BMQ one learns the proper means to seek clarification. I agree, a forum like this is not the right one, but not asking one's instructor or supervisor to clarify a situation is a very, very bad habit to get into.
Remembering back to my BMQ in 2008, we were given a long weekend for Easter.  I can't recall what the deal was for those courses that hadn't earned their weekends yet.  Your course staff will let you know what is going on.  Easter is still long ways away.
For the most part, we are not allowed to accumulate our annual leave entitlement (likely 20 days per year for most of you folks on BMQ).  There are exceptions to this rule, but those require certain levels of approval and there are mechanisims in place to actively discourage the accumulation of leave.  The long and short of it is that we are all expected to use our full entitlement of annual leave each year.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the "leave year" is 1 April to 31 March (i.e. it's the government fiscal year, not the calendar year that we use to calculate this).  This means that we all essentially need to use up all of our annual leave before the end of March each year.  What inevitably seems to happen as a result of this policy is that many folks often have a few days to use up in March.  Often times, this means that a lot of people take leave in March every year (in some cases making March a particularly unproductive month, but that's another issue).  Although there is no official policy dictating that block leave will be granted in March, in some units, it could seem this way as everybody scrambles to get it done.  It can actually work out well for anyone with kids who wants to take March Break with them. 

Because we prorate leave entitlement in the year you that you join, if you've only been in for three weeks at this point, you will only have earned about four days (i.e. two days for each month) annual leave before the end of this Leave Year (31 Mar 14).  The school can either give you those four days in a block, or they can allow you to accumulate it.  One or the other should happen.  I would think it unlikely that they will give you those four days of leave at this point, but I don't know.  As others have said, you will receive instructions in due course.

In addition to annual leave, we are also entitled to 11 statutory holidays each year, which includes two days for Easter (Good Friday and Easter Monday).  I would be very surprised if you did not get those days off, because both you and your instructors are entitled to them (notwithstanding that we can all be ordered to work on statutory holidays if need be, but we normally compensate folks for that).

Have you heard about KISS?

The OP is on BMQ, and as you pointed out likely does not have enough days accumulated for a "Block Lve".  Members of their Staff may have, but the OP not likely.  Your information just adds to their confusion.

If the member wants to read topics already covering "Block Leave", "Short Leave", "Special Leave" and of course "Statutory Holidays", including "Christmas Leave" they will be more informed. 

As is, we have yet another thread started on "LEAVE" that adds to the raft of threads on the same topic and adding to the difficulties of others finding information in their SEARCH for information.  As suggested several times, use SEARCH function or Google, prefixed by 'army.ca' to search for information.....OR ask your Course Staff.
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