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MARS III dates for 2009/1010?

Jayson poses a good question.  And since there are now many MARS enrollees like myself who are starting BMOQ in January, I myself would be interested in hearing from anyone in the know about NETPO, MARS III and MARS IV start dates for 2010.  Like Steve D, I am thinking about possible moving dates for my family.  Of course, I know that nothing is in stone until it is in stone, but I would at least like to start thinking about next year.

So if anyone out there (that means you too Steve D----Mr. BMOQ Exempt)....if you know anything about the MARS training dates for all of us January BMOQ guys (or even a best guess) we would love to know.  Thanks.

68 days to go for me before I go to St.Jean.  Really looking forward to it.
I have not received any dates yet, but I can tell you that it is more than only one per year.  There are 3 NETPOs on the go right now. 2 are finished at the end of this week and the other still have a few weeks to go.  Once I find out about dates, I will let you know.
Thanks Steve.  I guess there isn't much chance that you and I would be doing NETPO at the same time is there?  Oh well.  Thanks for the info.  I hope things are going well for you.  I am still looking forward to pictures from you.  Gotta see what the life looks like.  Take care my friend.
Rob raised a good point.  I will be joining him in BMOQ Jan 2010.  I have a family to move to Victoria after June (when school ends).  Trying to figure out how the timing will work.  ie when BMOQ ends, will we be sent to Esquimalt immediately or will we be able to take a weeks vacation to see our family before we go (get the house ready for sale)?  Is there someone we can talk to (CFRC??) with these sorts of questions?
This will pretty much depend on the timings of your next course. There may be a gap in training, during which you would likely be able to take some annual leave to visit back home. Ultimately, these decisions will be made by someone in the organization of the Director of Maritime Training and Education (DMTE). I very highly suggest that you do not attempt contacting these people on your own. If you need to know things like which courses you'll be loaded upon, the way to go about this is via your chain of command while on course at CFLRS.

But keep in mind that these things may change, with short notice. For example, 4 days before the end of my BOTC course's graduation, while doing grad parade practice, we were informed that those NTOs amongst us would be staying in St-Jean for our french training, vice flying out to Halifax on Friday as anticipated. Needless to say, this threw a monkey wrench into the plans for more than a few people.

The moral of the story is, don't book a flight unless you have a signed leave pass in hand :)
Thanks gc,  as always, I appreciate your frank, practical advice.  I love reading all your posts and I would really like it if I got to meet you some time.  Thanks for all the good information.
I should be headed back to Victoria next summer. I'd certainly be up for a Navy.ca meet-n-greet. Even if all y'all are MARSbars :)
That sounds great.... I am sure there are others from our thread about the last NOAB in Sept/Oct who would also enjoy meeting you.  I think a meet-n-greet would be a great idea...... ;D  Take care gc