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Hi Folks,
Now that I'm at the end of my tour here.  All the silly questions I asked at the beginning seems pointless.  Your work hours here depend on you trade AND the Op Tempo.  I've had some very hard working days in the high heat and some slack days watching the local planes fly around.  As with any military establishment, there are extra duties to perform which actually help breakup the monotony of the Ground Hog Day effect.  Most of the prices downtown for anything and everything are about the same as in Canada, except there's no tax.  Found myself some nice deals especially coming home just in time for Christmas.  Gotta love the Dragon Mart!!!
I will miss the comforting heat (did I mention that I like heat?  I can't stand the COLD) I will miss the great and hard working people from other countries that I work with. Country in question cannot be mentioned for OPSEC reasons...which suck!!! I will miss driving around downtown and getting lost...(thanks to the tn sergent!)
The food it outstanding, ( think I grew a bit around the waist) They say the gym here is top notch, I did go in there many times for the wieght machine...you know? the one where you step on it and it tells you your weight! The market has everything and anything your heart desires for personal amenities.
I will not miss the high heat and humidty in the summer. And please forgive me, I will not miss Repat ceremonies.

All in all, it was a blast.  Then Again! I have a good time no matter where I am!
Peace and Love  <donny osmond>

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