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MPO role at The Canadian Forces Protective Services Unit (CFPSU)


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Seeking some info/data from any MPO's (or those in the know) on this forum that could provide some insight into the role of an MPO at CFPSU.

Mainly trying to determine if at the lower rank levels (Lt-Capt), are MPO's in the stack as TL's with the team, training and operating day to day with the CP cell? Would venture to guess the other roles would be Ops O, Trg O?

Similar to any other military structure, assuming Maj and above would be staff officer roles - OC, DCO, CO, etc.

Also, is it correct that while CFPSU accepts NCM's from MP and combat arms trades, Officers applying however - must be MPO's?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you
Not (ever) an MPO, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express recently and read this on the google:

Indeed looks like Os must be MPOs.
If any MP's who've worked at CFPSU can chime in on this as well - that would be appreciated.