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48Highlander, took the words right outta my mouth. ::)
i didnt mention that this wasnt the first time this had happened in this same area and after this incident it ceased. sorry i be for maybe swarming these ppl but it got the message to them and like i said it stopped
Ok, well listen to one of my stories. This is 100% true, no bull or stretching the truth. There's this dude, let's name him John Doe. My brother used to hang out with little john doe's brother back when they were like in primary school. Anywho, this John Doe is kinda mental and got jealous or somethin I guess, I don't really know why he got mad but he started to get agressive towards my little bro. This is ok I guess, no harm in a few words exchanged, I'll question him about it when I get the chance. Then one day, my bro says John Doe held him over their patio deck(about 10-15ft off the ground, pretty high up) and threatened to let him go if he continued to hang out with his little brother.    ..... This angered me quite a bit, but stiill, it's not like I can just go up to the guy and pound him for it. I let it slide, but tell my parents about it.

A week or two later, my little bro comes home from playing with John Doe's little brother once again. This time crying. Apparently, John Doe held a knife to his throat and threatened to slit it. THis was all it took, I mean how much further can you go? One mistake I made here, I should have called the police, BUT, I was only 16-17 at the time, I figured I could handle it myself. (LoL, you must be laughing here Trinity)  So, me and my little bro and my very good bud 'M' were at the local convienence store by our school. John Doe entered with a friend of his, but also a friend of ours. John Doe wouldn't let me out of the store. John Doe was a few inches shorter, about 20-30 lbs lighter, and a year younger. I told him to let me out of the store. He said no. So I said if you have any business with me, outside. Now. 

So, we go outside. With so much previous tension and anger built up, I was a ticking timebomb. He shoved me. It was as if I didn't feel it. He shoved me again. Then I grabbed him, held the collar of his shirt with my left arm, and started landing rights. I don't know how many I gave him, but we moved about 20 feet from when he first shoved me...across the road actually. All he did was claw me and insult me verbally. I didn't even heed this, because I was in a beserk like state. To make it all worse, my little bro was watching it, and john doe's little bro was too, and he started to hit my little brother. My little brother punched him once, busted his lip but got real muddy, lol. Anywho we tossed around a little more, I bruised him up quite a bit, but I had a bit of bleeding due to the claw marks around my neck, and a brand new torn hoodie... arg. I guess he couldn't stand anymore and dropped. Instantly I walked away.

The point of this story? This was my only -real- fight(other run-in's in school were just school yard scuffs, nothing serious at all) in highschool, and despite all the tension that I had built up, and the fact that I wanted to rip his head off, once he was down, it was almost like an instinct. I left him. The thoughts of giving him a good thrashing while he was down didn't leave me, but I knew the danger of it, and what could happen to him as well as myself(legally) and it wasn't worth it. My buddy -M- and my little bro hopped in the car and we drove off, running over john doe's little bro's hat... that was awesome, lol.

But really dude, if your story is 100% legit, as we say here in Newfoundland, well now brudder, layin' da boots to a feller while he's down in the muck shows just how much of a coward ya really are.

Ain't it the truth.
axeman said:
i didnt mention that this wasnt the first time this had happened in this same area and after this incident it ceased. sorry i be for maybe swarming these ppl but it got the message to them and like i said it stopped

Im with you axeman. Some people need *** beatings. I like being a caveman. If I came accross a buddy of mine being hassled by a group of shitheads they certainly wouldnt get away by falling down. I dont hit people on the ground- group mugging is so cowardly that I would throttle them on the ground, in the air, underwater. They need it. One on one. The fight is over when someone hits the ground......"part of the problem" LOL. Thats sounds awfully feminine.
Well, this one has played out. It's locked till I wipe the testosterone out of my keyboard.
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